Links For The Church (4/12)

by Staff April 12, 2021

Suffering and Satan’s Purposes

“In our suffering, God invites us to trust him deeper, draw nearer to his people, and find a deep well of gratitude.”

Loyalty Matters: The Misunderstood Virtue

If you have ever experienced disloyalty, this article by Matthew Hall will be an encouragement for you. He presents a biblical view of loyalty and how to think about it when you are betrayed.

Direct Your Heart

Our hearts are deceitful and do not often tell us the truth. Jon Bloom points the readers to direct their hearts toward obedience and trust in Jesus.

Serving Christ When Everyone Needs You

Ann Swindell writes about the overwhelming feeling that can come when we have responsibilities that loom over our heads. This article shares how important it is to pursue thankfulness in these moments.