Links For The Church (4/13)

by Staff April 13, 2020

We're All Children Now

When we are afraid, we all become like children, uncertain and desperate. Jeremy Pierre reflects on this concept and shares where we can fix our hope. 

Celebrating What We've Lost

Ernie Bowman writes on the things that we have learned since the pandemic struck and how we might consider how we will be transformed on the other side of this. 

What Only Suffering Can Say: How Trials Feed the Flame of Witness

"The situations that we wish were most different are likely the places that others are watching us most closely. They are each, therefore, a precious opportunity to share how Christ meets us in our suffering." - Vaneetha Rendall Risner 

You Can Be Fearful and Courageous

Sharon Dickens shares about four female missionaries and what their endurance in the midst of trial can teach us today.