Links For The Church (4/16)

by Staff April 16, 2018

The Powerful Purpose of Marriage

Tish Hedger helps us view marriage "from God's vantage point." She explains "oneness" through a scriptural overview. 

Worry: A Barometer of Our Faith 

Worry shows us what we believe about God and who we are. Michael Kelley writes this helpful post on how to understand worry rightly. 

What Happens When Christianity Doesn't Work 

"We are not called here this afternoon to judge God. God didn't promise any of us health, wealth, and happiness. In fact, he tells us that we who expect to share in Christ's glory will also participate in his suffering." – Michael Horton

White-Knuckling, Navel-Gazing & Womanhood

We bring a lot of our own "caricatures" to the discussion about womanhood. Jasmine Holmes sets out to debunk those caricatures and encourages us to not idolize our views of womanhood. 

6 Habits of Highly Destructive False Teachers

Nathan Creitz analyzes the many ways that false teachers propagate their message so that we can be aware and discern them.