Links For The Church (4/27)

by Staff April 27, 2020

What Cravings Will Take from You: How Jesus Fulfills the Longing Heart

Christine Hoover writes about our desires, where they come from, and where we should look when we experience an inner craving of our hearts. 

The Importance of Political Theology

"The church is a people whose allegiance to the Triune God should never be made ambiguous by its other commitments or aspirations." - Matthew Arbo

Our Idols Are Exposed in Times of Crisis

What are our most controlling idols? Eugene Park describes the idol of self and three ways to combat this idolatry. 

To the Woman Affected By Infertility: Finding Hope and Help in the Psalms

Chelsea Sobolik writes to those who have experienced infertility and shares portions of the Psalms that give comfort for those who suffer.