Links For The Church (4/29)

by Staff April 29, 2019

How Porn Is Sidelining Missionaries

"If unaddressed, drip by drip, an engine with an oil leak will cease to operate. Dose by dose, porn renders a heart unfit for missions." – Greg Handley

Giving Up the Stage

Eric Schumacher writes about his decision to quit pastoral ministry, and about the pattern of "crucifixion and resurrection."

The Road from Emmaus

What do we do after experiences like the disciples had on the road to Emmaus? Aniu Kevichusa reflects on what we can learn from the disciples and how we might cope with shocking circumstances. 

What Leaders Can Learn From Moses

Kelly King shares 7 lessons from Moses' life that are helpful for the leader. Some of them include working in a team, and facing opposition courageously.