Links For The Church (5/14)

by Staff May 14, 2018

Gratitude Without Comparison

Barnabas Piper writes on the distinction between gratefulness and gratitude, and how to instill this in children.

Character: The Key To Leading For The Long Term

In this article for pastors, Ed Stetzer shares what leaders ought to strive for, and how to grow in godly character. 

How To Be A Nicer (And Happier) Human

Jaquelle Crowe shares how we can look outside of ourselves and love others like Jesus – this is the secret to happiness. 

A Bruised Reed He Will Not Break

God is both strong and gentle – "He is someone we can trust with our most tender bruises and fragility," writes Sam Allberry in this encouraging post.

Stop Bowing To The God Of Busyness

Work is a god that will always be unsatisfactory. It can't save you and our culture makes it admirable to become a slave to busyness. Adam Mabry combats this cultural trend with the gospel.