Links For The Church (5/17)

by Staff May 17, 2021

Post the Strongest Soldiers at the Weakest Gate

Tim Challies writes about the battle against sin and encourages us to prepare for battle where we know we are tempted the most.

Come Home, Weary Wanderer

Do you feel as though you have wandered from the path of obedience? Daniel Seabaugh provides us with reminders on how to return to the way of life.

Leaders Who Know How To Follow

It can be difficult when you desire to lead, but the opportunity keeps being shut down. “Let us seek to be and to raise up leaders who know how to follow, who know how to wait, and how to defer to other wise believers.”

Mothering at the End of Me

Liz Wann shares the struggles that come through motherhood when circumstances are especially difficult. She points mothers to the truth that God can provide true rest.