Links For The Church (5/18)

by Staff May 18, 2020

Not Too Good to be True

Andrea Crocker writes about the goodness of God's Word and demonstrates the grandiose nature of it.

Trusting God’s Hand When I Couldn’t See His Face

His daughter contracted COVID-19 and suffered a severe case of it. Timothy Jones shares some reflections from this experience and what it taught him about trusting God. 

Loneliness Has Been My Faithful Friend

Steve DeWitt writes, "We should be glad to realize that the best of this life leaves us wanting something more, longer, and better."

I Don’t Feel Like It

In this reflection on human emotion, Lizette Vega writes about the danger of ignoring emotions or over-trusting them. She shares how we can trust God with our emotions. 

Of Oceans, Thimbles, and Talking to Your Kids about Death

"The bottom line is that kids think about death; kids are afraid of death; and there’s nothing like a global pandemic closing their schools and churches, to make them start thinking more about it."