Links For The Church (5/20)

by Staff May 20, 2019

Exercise for More of God: Five Reasons to Train Your Body

Stacy Reaoch writes about the benefits of exercise, including serving others, stewardship, and ultimately for joy. 

Songs in the Night

What do we do when God seems far away? Barry York surveys Psalm 42 to find hope and encouragement for these dark times. 

Why Good Theology Is Not Enough

All our belief and knowledge of God is good and necessary, but unless we desire to love God with all our heart, Dan DeWitt writes that we've missed the point. 

Choosing The Right Kind of Busy for Our Family

"I want to choose the kind of busy that I can invite my children into. A busy they can get on board with. The type of busy where they feel a deep sense of mission and reward." - Eryn Lynum