Links For The Church (5/28)

by Staff May 28, 2018

How To Tell If It's A Prosperity Gospel Church

Tim Challies evaluates six criteria presented by Kate Bowler for detecting a prosperity gospel church, and how else these criteria could impact the way we understand other church movements.

"The Law and Glory of Christianity": Loving All People According to the Puritans

The Puritans have a reputation for being firm on judgment and hell, yet they truly valued love of others. Jenny-Lyn de Klerk explains how many Puritan writers understood love and its effect on the world.

Whose Approval?

Gabe Sylvia shares how he got his first tattoo, and what this has to do with seeking the approval of man. 

Pastoring The Anxious Church Member

In this helpful post, Jesse Masson provides counsel for pastors who are counseling anxious church members. He gives encouragement for how to love them well, and what to avoid in counsel.