Links For The Church (5/6)

by Staff May 7, 2018

The Dad I Want To Be

Daniel Darling speaks the gospel into the struggles and regrets of fatherhood. 

Our Call: Missionaries in a Secular Land

"Sorry, Christian, we are not birthright owners. We are exiles. " -Ed Stetzer on our place in this world 

Jesus And Joysticks: Why The Church Should Stop Making Fun Of Video Gamers

Video gaming receives more criticism than almost any other hobby. Aaron Earls gives reasons why we should reconsider our "blanket condemnations and sarcasm."

Why You Should Teach Your Kids About Racial Reconciliation

"Together we’re called to celebrate the beauty of the gospel in color, to proclaim our unity within our diversity—and to teach our kids to do the same." - Jarvis Williams & Curtis Woods

The Church's Response To Natural Disasters

Victor Cruz shares his experience in a natural disaster and ways that the church can serve and respond well. 

How To Embrace Your Dispensability

Leaders need to understand that they are dispensable. Stacy Reaoch gives encouragement and advice on how to live in a way that makes you dispensable.