Links For The Church (6/4)

by Staff June 4, 2018

The Gift of Singleness?

Chris Smith writes on 1 Corinthians 7 and gives a helpful explanation of what the "gift" of singleness really means. 

21 Places Women Emerge Front and Center in Scripture's Storyline

Throughout the Scriptures, women play a vital role in bringing about the kingdom. Eric Schumacher gives a quick survey of some of these moments and shares what they teach us.

How I Was Encouraged in a Church Without a Special Needs Ministry

Allison Hill shares her story of coming to a new church and seeing how God used their small group to love their child with special needs. 

What to Do When Your Boss Doesn't Share Your Faith

By looking at Daniel's life in the Bible, Art Rainer provides four lessons for how to be a light to the world, even if it is to your boss who is not a Christian.

Moms, Embrace Your Need

"It’s through the cracks in your jar of clay that God’s gospel shines most brightly; he will leverage your weaknesses to display his strength, and this is good because it brings Jesus glory." – Kristen Wetherell