Links For The Church (7/13)

by Staff July 13, 2020

Hoarding Hope: The Disturbing Quiet of Quarantine

“God providentially arrested the world’s attention through this pandemic, and Christians have the joyous pleasure of bringing the hope of eternal life to people starving for the resources that only God can provide” – Anthony Kidd

The Mission Field I Never Expected

Rachel Wilson writes about parenting as a mission field. She shares that she originally thought she would have a different path, but this is what the Lord has given her and she is learning to steward it.

Serving Our Housebound Members For The Long Term

How do we care for those who won’t be able to attend church while the pandemic is ongoing? Stephen Kneale gives examples on how to practically care for those who can’t attend in person.

We’re Not Worthy – And That’s Good News

“As our maker, he knows us intimately. He knows things about us we have not yet discovered for ourselves. And yet his love for us has no time limit and no end. Nothing can cause his love to weaken or fray or ever fall away.” – Jenny Reeves Manley

4 Reasons To Preach The Psalms To Ourselves

Juan Sanchez writes about how the Psalms serve to encourage us, to show us who God is, and about worship. We would do well to preach them to our own hearts who often need these reminders.