Links For The Church (7/17)

by Staff July 16, 2017

Climate Change and the Church's Mission

How should evangelicals think about climate change? Or do they even consider it? Matthew Arbo explains the moral responsibility of the church to care for the earth.

"But I Didn't Mean to be Racist."

Jemar Tisby explores the difference between intent and impact when it comes to racism, and why we should be aware that good intentions may not always be enough.

How We Misunderstand Strong Women

Jasmine Holmes writes, "We are strong because we were created to be. We were made in perfect harmony with man, crafted to carry out God’s plan on this earth."

Planning For Grief in a Worship Service

Lament seems like an uncomfortable addition to a church worship service. In this piece, Wes Crawford explains why room for lament should be included and how it points the church to Jesus.