Links For The Church (7/19)

by Staff July 19, 2021

Jesus Owns Your Phone: How Christ Frees Us from Screen Slavery

Our phones have changed the way we interact with the world. Often we allow them to control us. Phones are not immoral in and of themselves, and in this post, Dan Crabtree shares how we can honor Jesus with our phones.

You Will Fail Sometimes. Don’t Quit.

“Every day is a new opportunity to examine ourselves, to put on the armor that God has mercifully provided, to rely on His perfect strength, to do battle against our own lying hearts.”

Finding Hope When You’ve Made Mistakes with Your Children

Rebekah Matt shares helpful passages of Scripture that are particularly encouraging to parents. Her words are not just for times of encouragement, but times where parents haven’t been perfect.

Single in a Church of Families

This helpful post speaks to and about those who are single in the church. Ryan Griffith walks through Old and New Testament portrayals of singleness and provides encouragement for those who find themselves single in churches where there are mostly families.