Links For The Church (7/29)

by Staff July 29, 2019

A Mountain Worthy of the Name

Jillian Hazel writes about the awe-inspiring fear of the Lord. She shares how her experience of mountains helps her think about this fear. 

In My Desperation, Jesus Is More Than Enough 

"It seemed crazy to believe that he would use my pain for something good, but somehow I sensed he would." – Vaneetha Risner.

Three Principles on Wisdom

Wisdom is a gift from God. Zach Kendrick discusses how to love wisdom without making it ultimate. 

Communication with Missionaries: Striking a Healthy Balance

Allison Watts writes about how often missionaries should communicate with people they love back home and how we can love them in our communication. 

How to Handle Criticism

"Effectiveness in ministry requires that we develop the ability to ignore the destructive elements in other people’s criticism of us and not take these things to heart." – Guy Richard