Links For The Church (7/30)

by Staff July 30, 2018

Jesus Understands Your Loneliness

Jon Bloom writes about Jesus' deep homesickness on earth and how his life, death, and resurrection meet us in our loneliness. 

Why The Book of Acts Matters For Your Life

The biblical characters and the story of the mission of the gospel in Acts has deep implications for our lives. This book tells a story and reminds us that "God is able to save."

15 Sobering Reminders About Hell (And What It Means for Us)

Darin C. Smith writes, "If we are to teach and preach like Jesus, we must address the subject of hell."

When Pain Comes Knocking At Your Door

"Of course we should pray for healing, but with a heart of obedience and trust, consciously aligning ourselves with his will, not bending him to ours." – Cara Bell