Links For The Church (8/14)

by Staff August 13, 2017

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Teach Your Kids to be Colorblind

Trillia Newbell proposes that children shouldn't be taught to ignore color, but to celebrate it and become colorsmart. She writes that though sin builds divides within races, the gospel is for all people of all colors. 

The Importance of Multiplying Yourself

Leaders aren't developed by pouring into every person you know, writes Micah Fries. Rather, prioritizing people and delegating the responsibility of discipleship to other people are some of the ways to multiply yourself.    

What the Church & Christians Need to Know about Suicide and Mental Health

Ann Voskamp writes on what she wishes the Church would say about depression and other mental health issues. She writes that "you don't treat those with hurting insides as less than. You get them the most treatment."

Guarding the Good Deposit: Community, Theology, and Church History

"American evangelicalism’s tendency toward individualism and modernistic near-sightedness is unique in the history of the Church. And because of this tendency, we’re often looking for something that applies in the moment." -Brandon Smith.

I Am Not Disgusting. I Am Not Alone. I Am Redeemed.

Jay Harrison shares his journey with his struggle of same-sex attraction. He explains how isolated and confused he felt with the Church and his struggle, and how he came to understand the work of Jesus that covers him.