Links For The Church (8/21)

by Staff August 21, 2017

Living The Whole Life

Lore Wilbert writes on the necessity of being whole persons. Instead of engaging part of our self, we must strive to grow all of our self. The strive for wholeness affects how we deal with sin, shame, and beauty. Lore helpfully encourages us to find our God ordained purpose of whole-living. 

Lay Aside The Weight of Insecurity

"No one is more impressive than Jesus," writes Jon Bloom. We shouldn't strive to impress others, but how do we do that practically? This article provides a gospel-centered approach to overcoming insecurity. 

Satan Has A Forked Tongue

Emma Scrivener writes: "Satan has a forked tongue. He speaks with two voices, not one. He’s the tempter and the accuser. He’s licentious and legalistic. He provokes us to shame and to pride. And just when you think you’ve resisted one, the other grabs you from behind."

Virtue Signaling as Self-Justification

Gene Edward Veith says that if we are in Christ, we have no need to virtue signaling. He has done all the justification of our morality we could ever need, and He is the one who justifies us.