Links For The Church (8/28)

by Staff August 27, 2017

Fast Food is Dangerous for Singles

Kim Wren writes on why serving up quick advice to people who are single is unhealthy. She provides a more helpful way to encourage singles in the church.

To Faithful Pastors in Forgotten Places

In this letter-like post, Stephen Witmer gives four reasons pastors of small churches and small places can be encouraged. 

The North Star for a Weary Heart

Jen Oshman reflects on Romans 12:12 and describes how this verse gives hope to the grieving. 

Church… Love It or Leave It?

"At her best and her worst, Jesus loves his church," writes Scott Sauls. We need the local church, and Sauls gives 5 reasons why. 

Parenting Perfection and What Our Kids Need Most

"They need a greater good work than we can offer them; a good work of the heart that comes from the Holy Spirit." -Liz Wann