Links For The Church (8/3)

by Staff August 3, 2020

Mentoring is for Moms Too

“While most mentoring relationships won’t last multiple years and through various seasons, they can be an encouragement in any season.” – Melissa Kruger

Enjoying God is a Command

Sinclair Ferguson writes about joy in the Scriptures, what parts of the Christian life joy is commanded, and how all of this points to ultimate joy found in God alone.

Have A Little Patience

As the world opens up a bit more, there are more opportunities for relational tension with others, but also opportunities to show grace and patience to one another.

How To Pray When You’re Feeling Depressed

David Murray provides a template for those who struggle with anxiety and depression. He shares ways to pray, what to pray, and provides hope for those who understand the struggles of depression.

The Elusive Trait of Reasonableness

“While being open to persuasion may in the short term lead to admission of error, in the long run it leads to growing in the ability to be right.” – Mark Loughridge