Links For The Church (10/23)

by Staff October 23, 2017

Children Of My Own

"When we stand before the judgment seat of God, it won’t be our DNA that gets us into heaven, but the blood of another. The question isn’t one of heredity, but of authority."

The 7 Deadly Sins of Political Junkies

Bruce Ashford writes on the ways "we are tempted to commit those sins in our political interactions." He also provides biblical ways we can overcome temptation. 

The Prevalence of Sexual Assault And A Call To The Church

Trillia Newbell shares her story about sexual assault and gives a charge to leaders in the church to fight for justice of those abused. 

Five Unintended Consequences of Short Pastoral Tenure

There are many ways that a short pastoral stent can affect a church. Jonathan Howe shares 5 of those ways. 

Mothering a Rebellious Heart

Through a reflection on the story of Jeremiah, Courtney Reissig gives encouragement for those enduring difficult seasons of motherhood.