Links For The Church (9/23)

by Staff September 23, 2019

Help! I Don’t Know What to Do with My Retirement

"It is best to have one overarching purpose that sets the direction for every area of our lives. As followers of Jesus, our purpose should be that God is glorified in everything." – John Dunlop

All Hail the Power of Jesus’s Name

David Mathis writes a beautiful reflection on when Jesus sat down on the throne. He uses a well-known hymn to walk through these thoughts. 

Marriage as a Ministry

Marriage can be a powerful ministry, and Melissa Edgington reflects on how she and her husband have seen the Holy Spirit work through them as a married couple. 

Reasonableness in an Age of Outrage

Trevin Wax writes about our tendencies to be unreasonable and fight on social media. He encourages us as believers to pursue reasonableness as an overflow of joy.

Does your soul feast on the Word?

"We may know good doctrine, or have our theological ducks in-a-row. Yet nothing replaces the humble act of actually being familiar with the scriptures." – Beverly Chao Berrus