Links For The Church (9/26)

by Staff September 28, 2020

When Life Feels Crushing

If you feel like life is overwhelming, this article will encourage you to trust that it is not meaningless and encourage you in your struggle.

Holy Is Who You Are: A Missing Weapon In The War Against Sin

“We are not what we feel at any given moment; we are what God calls us in Christ.” – Scott Hubbard

Clarity in an Age of Confusion

Gretchen Saffles reflects on influencers who “deconstruct” their faith, how it should affect us, and where we should fix our hope.

5 Questions To Help Guard Against Selfish Ambition in Ministry

In this helpful article, Juan Sanchez provides diagnostic questions to discern motivations in ministry.

Christian Be A Peacemaker

“Christian, be a peacemaker. Be the one to de-escalate when things are getting heated. Don’t stoke the fire with your sarcastic whit. Live at peace with all people and strive, by the Spirit’s power, to be like Jesus in every situation.”