Links For The Church (9/4)

by Staff September 4, 2017

How Can Parents Help Their Kids Embrace Those Who Are Different Than Them?

Trillia Newbell shares four ways to help children view people in the image of God and through the lens of the gospel. 

3 Reasons Pastors Have Access to Their Church Members' Giving Records

Though he does not lay this view point out as law, Art Rainer shares these three reasons why a pastor may choose to access giving records. 

Do Blue Collar Workers Fit Our Theology of Vocation?

"He simply fulfilled his mission because it was the right thing to do and he did it well to the glory of God," writes Daniel Darling.

Rosaria Butterfield: "Why I Signed the Nashville Statement"

This article less about the actual content of the Nashville Statement and more about Rosaria's rich gospel-centered understanding of sexuality and the Bible.