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Dec 13

Building A Theological Library (Part 2) by Jeff Straub

Purpose to become a lifelong “collector” of theological and biblical books.

Dec 12

Christ, Our Only Plea by Joshua Jenkins

While we have done many injustices, a just cause was heard at the cross. It was there that God was both the just and the justifier of the one who has faith in Jesus.

Dec 11

The Gospel's Seasonal Affective Disorder by Jared C. Wilson

Same methods, different results. What gives?

Dec 11

Links For The Church (12/11) by Staff

This week's links include resources on Charlie Brown, God's promises, jerks, difficult roads, and depression in the pastorate.

Dec 10

Lord, Give Us an Open Heart by Charles Spurgeon

Lord, evermore give me an opened heart.

Dec 8

A Wise Woman Builds Her Home on Sola Scriptura by Jessalyn Hutto

The warmth of his love is channeled through us, spilling out onto all who are welcomed under our roofs.

Dec 7

Seeing God's Hand by Adam Kareus

The Scriptures are filled to overflowing with the mind-boggling truth that God is here with us. His hand never leaves our life.

Dec 7

You Don't Even Have A Bucket, Jesus by Mike Leake

Maybe he’s not the fool; maybe it’s me. Maybe it’s my eyesight. Is it possible that I’m conversing with the One who can draw water without a bucket?

Dec 6

Church Discipline Brought Me Home by Andrea Burke

In 2006, I sat at the table with men and women at The Village Church and heard the words that I didn’t want to hear: church discipline.

Dec 6

Building A Theological Library (Part 1) by Jeff Straub

How then does a minister, especially a young minister, go about building a good theological library for a lifetime of ministry?