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Jan 18

How the Lord Rewards His Laborers by H.B. Charles, Jr.

God gives generously in kindness to the least, last, lost, and left-out.

Jan 18

5 Relationships to Cultivate As You Foster or Adopt (Part 2)

Develop a Parenting Ministry Partnership with your Local Church

As a member of the body of Christ in a local church, you enjoy a mutual commitment with other believers that reflects your relationship with your spouse. 

Jan 17

The Necessity of the Local Church (Part 1)

The Promise of the Local Church

The New Testament is saturated with the local church. Trying to understand these 27 books apart from the local church is like playing baseball without the bases. You may be able to recognize the sport, but the path to winning has been eliminated.

Jan 17

Inspiration From a Bible Translator Whose Work Was Offensive by Steve Burchett

We cannot make someone experience conviction—that’s the work of the Holy Spirit. But we can cooperate with the Holy Spirit not only by proclaiming the gospel, but also by simply reading the Bible.

Jan 17

You Don't Want What You Actually Deserve by Kristen Wetherell

To think rightly about what we deserve, we must start with God. Our flesh wants to make everything about us, as if the world revolves around humans, but creation tells a different tale.

Jan 16

Gospel Driven Sin Fighter by Michael Taylor

Sin was defeated in the past, is defeated in the present, and will be defeated in the future only by the cross of Christ and our participation in it.

Jan 16

How Expository Preaching Should Engage Cultural Concerns (Part I) by Jason K. Allen

As the preacher exegetes his text and his times, he sees how the two intersect, or do not intersect with his congregation.

Jan 15

Sola Scriptura or Nuda Scriptura? by Gregory Feulner

We must be mindful to walk in humility, being open to learning what God has taught others, knowing that we are not the only saints who have traversed the path we are on.

Jan 15

The Debt We Owe to the Past

11 Lessons from a Legacy of Faithful Ministry

My dad often told me, “The debt we owe to the past is to leave the future indebted to us.” Here are 11 things I learned from my dad and grandfather that have sustained me for the last 65 years in ministry.

Jan 14

3 Reasons We Don't Preach Gospel-Centered Sermons by Jared C. Wilson

Why, despite an abundance of helpful resources and exemplary models, do we still have a hard time turning the homiletical corner to preaching Christ?