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Jan 14

Rest For Your Soul by Jennifer Starkey

My desire for rest is not wrong, it’s just often misplaced. 

Jan 14

Links For The Church (1/14) by Staff

This week's links include resources on loving a prodigal child, on losing mom and the church, union with Christ, foster care, and men serving in kids ministry.

Jan 13

The Iron Did Swim by Charles Spurgeon

Beloved reader, what is thy desperate case? 

Jan 11

What Bible Stories Mean by Jared Musgrove

Let stories be as bold, brash, and audacious as they were meant to be.

Jan 11

5 Relationships to Cultivate As You Foster or Adopt (Part 1)

Develop a Parenting Ministry Partnership with your Spouse

Foster care or adoption will stretch your marriage in ways it has never been stretched before.

Jan 10

How to Forge a Friendship by David McLemore

Real friends are candid and give counsel, but their love keeps it from being reckless. Real friends are careful with one another. They don’t want to push you away; they want to bring you nearer to themselves and to Jesus.

Jan 10

Cling to Christ by Chris Thomas

It is life and death. The wind is howling, the waves are building, and life is coming at me with all its fury. What have I to cling to? Hold fast to the gospel. Cling to Christ.

Jan 10

5 Ways to Last 20 Years in the Same Church by Mike Ayers

These things took time and a process in order to come full-circle - the pain of personal growth, the healing after the pain, and the perspective gained in hindsight beyond the healing. And the unnerving and exciting thing is this: God’s still got more to do.​

Jan 9

The Power of Showing Up by Adam Kareus

Just by being there you increase your chances of making an impact and you give yourself the chance to use your gifts.

Jan 9

How to Counsel Couples Through Past Sexual Sin by Scott Croft

As pastors, we need to remind young couples not only that we are all sinners, but also that we are all sexual sinners.