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Mar 18

Why Your Preaching Stinks by Jason Paredes

Maybe the main reason your preaching is subpar is because your expectations are subpar. 

Mar 18

Links For The Church (3/18) by Staff

This week's links include resources on a single ladies catechism, being related to a slave owner, poetry and evangelism, and SBC institutions. 

Mar 17

Remember the Poor by Charles Spurgeon

Why does God allow so many of his children to be poor?

Mar 15

The Most Important Discovery I Learned in Seminary by Jason G. Duesing

To read the Old Testament is to encounter many new areas of knowledge that might appear tangential or skippable. 

Mar 15

Church Discipline: Done for the Self-Loving Lord by C. J. Moore

Though God surely loves you and me, there is someone He loves even more: Himself.

Mar 14

Why You Will Join the Wrong Church by Sam Emadi

Our relationships will ebb and flow, as will our affection for the church. But the solution is not always looking for a better fit.

Mar 14

When the Authoritative Jesus Shows Up by David McLemore

Jesus has the authority to fix everything in the deepest part of your being and no one can stop him.

Mar 14

Preacher, Give Them Bread by Mat Alexander

Discipline yourself not to feel the need to overwhelm in every sermon. It’s difficult to do, but we must get over the temptation to feed God’s people everything we have each week.

Mar 13

Leading Your Ministry Marriage Well by Mark Dance

It feels counterintuitive for ministers to talk about their own health, but self-care is strategic, not selfish.

Mar 13

The Dangers of Disconnected Discipleship by Brian Zunigha

Don’t view discipleship as a separate activity from your church engagement and involvement.