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Jul 9

How to Affair-Proof Your Pastor by Jared C. Wilson

We may not be able to keep our pastor from falling, but we can invest in his personal, marital, and ministerial health in such a way that the temptations are lessened.

Jul 9

When A Preacher is Not Feeling It by Adam Kareus

If a pastor doesn’t feel like the sermon he delivers is that important, why on earth would his congregation feel different?

Jul 9

Links For The Church (7/09) by Staff

This week's links include resources on leading leaders, Bonhoeffer and spiritual disciplines, when God isn't there, and spiritual gifts. 

Jul 8

Lead Me in Thy Truth by Charles Spurgeon

Our faith will be tried faith, and if it be of the true kind, it will bear continued trial without yielding.

Jul 6

The Pastor’s Wife: Exposing Lies and Redeeming Them (Part 1) by Whitney Putnam

Pray to bravely and boldly expose the lies in your own church body and step confidently into the truth.

Jul 6

How Can We Find Meaning in Life? by Casey Lewis

When we live in the way in which we have been made to live, we will find satisfaction, meaning, and joy. 

Jul 5

The 'No' Heard Through the Ages by Thor Madsen

Sometimes, the ‘No’ we hear as an answer to prayer tells us more than any ‘Yes’ could have.

Jul 5

The Most Comfortable Place on Earth by C. J. Moore

One day, Christian, “getting out of your comfort zone” will no longer be required. It won’t even be a possibility!

Jul 5

Jumping the Shark and the Trajectory of Sin by Benjamin Vrbicek

Over time, our increasing conformity to the image of Christ makes us more human in all the ways we are meant to be human, not less.

Jul 4

True Liberty by Charles Spurgeon

Exercise thy right, O believer, and live up to thy privilege.