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Jun 15, 2015

4 Barriers to Community by Darrin Patrick

If you want to be known, served, and celebrated in community, you’ll need to be challenged by that community. And that community will help you live the life you’ve always wanted.

Jun 14, 2015

Questions to Ask Yourself About Eternal Security by Staff

Because eternal life is integral to the gospel's promise, eternal security is an integral blessing of the gospel.

Jun 14, 2015

Troubleshooting Division in the Church by Casey Lewis

I believe our sinful desire for power, control, and praise are at the root of most church divisions.

Jun 14, 2015

The Gospel for Roman Catholics

Roman Catholics need the gospel for the same reason we all need it. We are all sinners with such a messed up and low view of how holy holiness really is that we think somehow through our own efforts we can attain it.

Jun 14, 2015

I'm Not Nervous (and That's Not Bad) by Adam McClendon

I regularly hear conference speakers claim that if someone isn’t nervous before they stand up to declare the words of God then something is wrong.  I'm not sure this is right.

Jun 13, 2015

Don't Just Have A Mission, Live Your Mission by Rob Trahan

Your church's vision must become more than just a catchphrase. It should be the embodiment of the way God is driving your church to achieve His mission.

Jun 13, 2015

What Does The Resurrection Have To Do With Forgiveness? by Joel Lindsey

It stands, then, that if Jesus was not raised, Christ’s sacrifice was deficient, that Jesus’ blood was somehow insufficient to pay the full penalty for sin.

Jun 12, 2015

That Fine Line of Favor by Staff

They love you, they love you not.

Jun 12, 2015

How Salvation is About God, Not Us by Jared C. Wilson

Salvation is for us but ultimately about God.