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Mar 12

'The Gospel-Driven Church' Releases Today! by Staff

This new book from FTC managing editor Jared C. Wilson promises to help you introduce your dreams for church growth to the biblical metrics of grace.

Mar 12

3 Things that Keep Christians from Living with a Sense of Urgency by Michael Kelley

Christians, proclaming the gospel is an urgent matter. Let us look at our lives to see what’s keeping us from allowing it to be so.

Mar 12

The Harmonics of the Old Testament by Randall McKinion

The theology of the OT often rides on the harmonics created by the songs and poems breathed out by the Holy Spirit through the skillful pen of His prophets.

Mar 11

Steering from the Stage

Keys for Gospel-Driven Preaching

Who is church for? And what do they need? - An exclusive excerpt from the new book The Gospel-Driven Church

Mar 11

Links For The Church (3/11) by Staff

This week's links include resources on struggling to obey God, worship essentials, advice on discussing gender roles, and rethinking unreached peoples. 

Mar 11

Are You Persuading or Are You Polarizing? by Katie McCoy

When we polarize, we miss an opportunity to draw someone into a meaningful conversation.

Mar 10

The Path of Trouble is the Way Home by Charles Spurgeon

Lord, make this thought a pillow for many a weary head!

Mar 8

Satan Isn't After the SBC, God Is by Rebekah Hannah

God will not let pastors flatter his people instead of taking responsibility for the many forms of abuse in his church.

Mar 8

David, Jonathan, and the Dangers of Reader-Centered Interpretation by J. Alan Branch

We should grieve when people think the deep friendship of David and Jonathan was sexual.

Mar 7

Discipleship Simplified by Jeff Brown

If Christ is to be followed, He must be well-known, to the point that the disciple can discern His voice, predict His next move, and go His direction at all times.