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Nov 6

You're Dead, Start Acting Like It! by Chris Thomas

Your failure does not define you, nor do the echoes of your sin. Jesus speaks a better story, and the grave does not have the final word.

Nov 6

How the Church Does Good by David Bowden

How can we as pastors, preachers, lay leaders, and disciple makers help our people bear good fruit?

Nov 5

Preaching a Church Toward Mission by Jared C. Wilson

If you want to change the movement of your church, you have to change the message.

Nov 5

Grave to Groom by Andrea Burke

We grieve at bedsides and empty beds, asking hard questions that might go unanswered for our lifetimes.

Nov 5

Links For The Church (11/5) by Staff

This week's links include resources on moms who need to slow down, trendiness and the Bible, women who struggle with pornography, and Paul's example in politics. 

Nov 4

In His Light, We See Light by Charles Spurgeon

Happy are those to whom our Lord manifests himself, for his promise to such is that he will make his abode with them. 

Nov 2

3 Questions for Christians on Social Media by Jason K. Allen

Through our social media, we can bless or curse, build up or tear down, honor or dishonor the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Nov 1

Won’t You Be My (Muslim) Neighbor?

A Review of Fries’ and Whitfield’s “Islam and North America”

Muslims in our country and abroad need the gospel of Christ. We need to preach it to them; we need to be their neighbors in the utmost way. This is exactly what Micah Fries and Keith Whitfield seek to show in their edited work, Islam and North America: Loving Our Muslim Neighbors.

Nov 1

The Mission of Jesus in Homes by Jared Musgrove

Jesus’ ministry in homes was a ministry of love. Such love in the most private of places was a most potent apologetic to an unbelieving world. It still is.