Recently Added Blog Entries

Jul 4

How Should a Pastor or Church Leader View Parachurch Ministries? by Dave Harvey

Every day, entrepreneurial Christians are planting parachurch seeds producing ministries that populate the West.

Jul 4

Celebrity Delivers by Gabe Posey

If Jesus truly is the best thing in this world, we are free to be nobodies. 

Jul 3

Leading Through Change by Jim Essian

You could completely bomb this change challenge that’s before you. I mean fall-on-your-face fail. And God’s love for you will not change.

Jul 3

How to Make the Most of Your Daily Bible Reading by David McLemore

For many, “joy” and “reading plan” don’t jive. How many of us have set out January 1 with Genesis 1 only to fail somewhere around Leviticus 10?

Jul 2

Christ as Sole Mediator by Rachel Rose

We need no other mediator between God and Man; Jesus is enough.

Jul 2

Links For The Church (7/2) by Staff

This week's links include resources on how to be a burden, planting seeds with kids, essentials for new team members, and fauxnerability in the church. 

Jul 1

Friendship with Jesus by Charles Spurgeon

I am only asking what he delights to give.

Jun 29

Dear Beloved Christian Men by Allyson Todd

I want to tell you what God sees when he looks at you, why I love you, and how I hope to encourage you in the midst of our cynical culture.

Jun 29

Him We Proclaim: Heeding Spurgeon’s Call to Preach Jesus from the Entire Bible by Jason K. Allen

This call is not merely a nudge toward a more polished homiletical delivery; rather it comes with the weighty knowledge that the message of a crucified and risen Christ alone saves.