Recently Added Blog Entries

Jan 9

Ten Truths about a Liar by Sam Bierig

It is vital that you and I rightly discern and evaluate Satan. He is not to be trifled with nor buffooned, but in Christ, his back was utterly broken on Calvary’s hill.

Jan 8

The Wonder of the Word by Nick Harsh

All the fullness of God was pleased to dwell in a baby who couldn’t speak.

Jan 7

Commanding the Ravens: God’s Unexpected Provision by Kole Farney

Show me a man or woman seeking the kingdom, and I will show you a man whom God supplies.

Jan 7

What Greta Thunberg Teaches Us About Teenagers by Micah Hayes

Here is the bottom line: when young people are passionate, bold, and relentless, things change.

Jan 6

How to Fall . . . Again

How to Turn Your Comeback into Another Collapse

There is a subtle kind of pride that has the appearance of celebrating grace. But its aim is self-oriented. 

Jan 6

Why The Church? by H.B. Charles, Jr.

You cannot have a high view of Christ and a low view of the church at the same time. 

Jan 6

What a Zombie Ant and Sin Have in Common by Andrea Burke

Sin doesn’t make you more real. Sin makes you more dead.

Jan 3

Who is the Holy Spirit?: A Book Review by Sam Parkison

Yarnell is able to paint a picture of the Holy Spirit with many shades and hues, with colors drawn from a spectrum of biblical genres located at various points within redemptive history. 

Jan 2

Pastors, Spend Time with Non-Pastors by Garrett Kell

Being around the flock helps them see what our message looks like in real life.

Jan 2

Three Ways to Safeguard Regenerate Church Membership by Allen Nelson

It’s disheartening that so many people are listed on a church roll somewhere but not actually attending.