Recently Added Blog Entries

Jan 30

Pastoring a Rural Church Isn’t a “Lesser” Ministry by Cheston Pickard

Amazingly, even small, rural churches inherit the powerful kingdom of God through the blood of his Son.

Jan 30

10 Reasons to Read Strachan’s Reenchanting Humanity by Sam Bierig

Is Strachan right to claim that anthropology is the major issue of our time? He is. There is no more pressing issue for the Church of Jesus Christ.

Jan 29

The Most Honest People In The World, And Why We Need Them by Scott Sauls

Do you recognize that an inability to enjoy children is not representative of a defect in the children, but of a defect in us?

Jan 29

Eight Tips for Veteran Preachers by Jason K. Allen

Whether you are a beginner preacher or veteran one, cultivate a sense of dependence on Christ.

Jan 28

What Apostates Don't Say by Erik Raymond

The road to apostasy is paved with indifference to the glory of Christ. 

Jan 28

An Encouragement for Your Theological Journey from Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations by Ronni Kurtz

You’re not responsible for understanding all the depths of theology today; you’re called to simply be intellectually faithful.

Jan 27

The Romans 8 Driven Life by Jared C. Wilson

How would you live if you realized that nothing you fear could ever have the last word in your life?

Jan 27

Links For The Church (1/27) by Staff

This week's links include resources on being pro-life and pro-woman, God's goodness tomorrow, recovering benedictions, talking to kids about ethnicity, and walking away from discipleship. 

Jan 27

Netflix and Chips: An Argument for Snacks and Television in 2020 by Ted Kluck

Not knowing your spouse, never doing anything together, reading Bavinck by candlelight while she cleans up the kitchen, and feeling like her roommate is bad. 

Jan 25

Do You Know the Lovingkindness of the Lord? by Charles Spurgeon

Forget not what thy God has done for thee; turn over the book of thy remembrance, and consider the days of old.