Recently Added Blog Entries

Mar 1

5 Confessions of a Preacher by Noe Garcia

I quickly learned that an unguarded heart leads to unfiltered preaching.

Mar 1

Sexual Abuse in Student Ministry by Micah Hayes

Every leader needs accountability, including youth pastors. 

Feb 28

The Circular Mission of the Church by Mike Ruel

Reflecting on my life reminds me that God truly works in mysterious ways. But I'm reminded that God also works in another, more primary way, that is, through the local church. 

Feb 28

Rebooting Those New Year’s Resolutions by Kyle Golden

Recommit to and pursue your New Year’s resolutions looking through the lenses of God’s constant, abundant, tender, firm, and loving presence and strength.

Feb 28

The Father Himself Loves You by David McLemore

At the end of it all, he makes his final offer: all of your sin and unloveliness for all my kingdom of righteousness and unending, unyielding, unashamed, outrageously faithful love. Does that sound good?

Feb 27

Maturing in the Faith-One Decision at a Time by Rodney Harrison

Leaders who blindly accepting the lowest bid, hear just one side of a matter or fail to count the cost prior to making a decision fall into this trap of failing to get all of the facts.

Feb 27

7 Questions For Meaningful Conversation With Believers by Steve Burchett

Sometimes, all it takes is one good question to start a meaningful, God-honoring conversation.

Feb 26

Pitting the Mission Against Itself by Brandon McClure

Pastor, if you served the rest of your ministry and never saw another convert, would you be content with watching the spiritual growth of your congregation?​

Feb 26

5 Callings More Noble than that of Pastor by Jared Sparks

Oh yes, being a pastor and preaching the Bible is a high, great, and glorious call. But, it is not the highest, greatest, and glorious call of all. ​

Feb 25

3 Principles for Christian Political Engagement by Jared C. Wilson

In light of the story God is telling with the world, how should the church engage politically?