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Apr 13

Links For The Church (4/13) by Staff

This week's links include resources on being children, celebrating what we've lost, suffering and witness, and fear and courage. 

Apr 13

Christ is Risen -- Now What? by Jared C. Wilson

Easter has become the ultimate game-changer for the human experience.

Apr 10

Friendship to the Nth Power

Tolkien, a movie review

The main action of The Lord of the Rings takes place, then, in the mythic space between Christmas, Christ’s birth, and the crucifixion, Christ’s death.

Apr 9

Mercy Will Come by David McLemore

When your sin puts you in the depths of despair, and you have no way out on your own, there is a God above who rules and reigns and forgives and saves.

Apr 9

A Strong Conscience or Immaturity? by Sam Parkison

What does it look like for thoughts about entertainment to be taken captive to obey Christ?

Apr 8

9 Ways the Gospel Speaks to Us During COVID-19 by Dave Harvey

Sometimes we’re infatuated with this life—our homes, cars, entertainment. A pandemic can fracture that. 

Apr 8

Charging the Gates of Hell When You Can Barely Move by Danny Slavich

The land of exile is the locus of theological formation. 

Apr 8

Facing My Own Restlessness by Scott Sauls

God is my refuge on one hand, and the darkness is my companion on the other. 

Apr 7

Six “Do Nots” for Evangelism from the Old Testament by Tom Johnston

The Old Testament encourages an unusually bold witness in evangelism in many ways.

Apr 7

How the Kingdom Arrives in Matthew’s Gospel by Patrick Schreiner

One of the most well-known truths in Matthew is that he describes it as the “kingdom of heaven” rather than kingdom of God.