Blog Entries on Apologetics

Jan 28

What Apostates Don't Say by Erik Raymond

The road to apostasy is paved with indifference to the glory of Christ. 

May 3, 2016


How Christianity's Uniqueness Makes it Compelling

by Staff

The greatest strength of Jared Wilson's new book Unparalleled is how it helps Christians to not simply win arguments, but to “win the man.”

Sep 25, 2018

The Place of Apologetics by Reid Monaghan

Apologetics and thoughtful witness effectively takes place where there is real and loving presence with others.

Apr 3, 2017

The Gospel's Compelling Uniqueness by Jared C. Wilson

The safe Jesus of modern evangelicalism is not offensive, but neither is He very compelling.

Jul 4, 2015

Convicting Conversations

Apologetics and Waging War Within the Hostile Mind

The role of apologetics is not to engage the mind in order to sway it but rather to use worldviews to weave past the mind’s defenses and confront the rebellious soul with the gospel of Truth.  Once Christ is proclaimed as Lord within the conversation the person’s mind will engage in every manner of distraction to avoid confronting the uncomfortable truth that they are subject to a sovereign God.

Jul 8, 2016

Apologetics: A Reasonable Defense by Casey Lewis

While the study of apologetics can take you off into heady arguments, that's not all apologetics is.

May 22, 2015

A Panacea and A Punk

How To Keep Apologetics in Perspective

I love apologetics for what it can do for you, but I hate apologetics because of what it can do to you.

Jul 10, 2015

A Garden, A Sword, A Healing Savior

Discernment in Defending the Faith

When we face the enemies of God we would be well-served to remember that Jesus commanded that we take up the cross rather than the sword.