Recently Added Conversations

Dec 5

Nathan Rose on Transitioning a Church to a Plurality of Elders by Nathan Rose

Series: Conversations asks Nathan Rose, Lead Pastor at Liberty Baptist Church in Kansas City, MO: "How do you transition a church to a plurality of elders?"

Dec 3

Jonathan Leeman on Who Has Influence HIs Preaching the Most by Jonathan Leeman

Series: Conversations asks Jonathan Leeman, Editorial Director at 9Marks and an elder a Cheverly Baptist Church (Cheverly, MD): "Who has influenced your preaching the most?"

Nov 29

Trevin Wax on The Pastor and Cultural Trends by Staff

Series: Conversations

How important is it for preachers to pay attention to cultural trends and popular media?

Nov 26

Jared C. Wilson on Transitioning from an Attractional to a Gospel-Centered Ministry Model by Jared C. Wilson

Series: Conversations asks Jared C. Wilson, Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministry and Author-in-Residence at Spurgeon College/MBTS, "What is the first step for a church in moving from the attractional paradigm to a gospel-centered model of ministry?"

Nov 22

Russell Moore on Politics and the Pastor by Russell Moore

Series: Conversations

How political should a local church pastor get with his flock?

Nov 21

Don Whitney on Neglecting Spiritual Disciplines

Series: Conversations asks Don Whitney, Professor of Biblical Spirituality at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, "What is the impact of neglecting the spiritual disciplines?"

Nov 15

Michael Kelley on Pastor's Who Write by Michael Kelley

Series: Conversations

What is the one thing pastors who write ought to remember?

Nov 12

Michael Kelley on Why We Hate to Wait on God by Michael Kelley asks Michael Kelley, Director of Discipleship at Lifeway Christian Resources, "Why do we hate to wait on God?"

Nov 5

David Prince on the Importance of Application in Preaching by David Prince

Series: Conversations asks David Prince, Pastor of Preaching and Vision at Ashland Avenue Baptist Church and Assistant Professor of Preaching at Southern Seminary, "How important is application in preaching?"

Nov 1

Jonathan Leeman On The Church and Politics by Jonathan Leeman

Series: Conversations

"In what way should a church be political?"