Recently Added Conversations

Mar 27

Clint Pressley On Leading Big Change by Clint Pressley

Series: Conversations

How do you lead big change in a church without blowing it up?

Mar 26

Don Whitney on Family Devotions by Staff

Series: Conversations

How do you encourage a young family struggling with family devotions?

Mar 20

Jeff Medders on Writing Sermons by J.A. Medders

Series: Conversations

How do you write sermons? Describe your sermon preparation process.

Mar 19

Adam McClendon on "Re-creating" the Early Church by Adam McClendon

Series: Conversations asks Adam McClendon, Professor in the School of Divinity and Director of the D.Min. program at Liberty Universtiy, "Can the church 're-create' the early church?"

Mar 17

Ronni Kurtz on Why Pastors Should Care About Systematic Theology by Ronni Kurtz

Series: Conversations

We ask our Managing Editor, Ronni Kurtz, "Why should pastors care about Systematic Theology?"

Mar 13

J. T. English on Large Churches and Ministry Training by J.T. English

Series: Conversations

How can large churches provide effective ministry training?

Mar 12

Jared Wilson on Thinking About the Sins of Our Church History Heroes by Jared C. Wilson

Series: Conversations asks Jared C. Wilson, Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministry at Spurgeon College and Author in Residence at MBTS, "How should we think about the sins of our heroes from church history?"

Mar 10

Nathan Rose on Pastors' Sabbaticals and the Benefit for Churches by Nathan Rose

Series: Conversations asks Nathan Rose, Lead Pastor of Liberty Baptist Church in Kansas City, MO, "How do churches benefit from giving their pastors a sabbatical?"

Mar 6

Jen Wilkin on Grace vs. Permissiveness by Staff

Series: Conversations

How is grace different from permissiveness?

Mar 5

Won Kwak on Advice for the Pastor Who Wants to Quit by Won S. Kwak

Series: Conversations asks Won Kwak, pastor at Maranatha Grace Church in Fort Lee, New Jersey: "What do you say to the pastor who's tired and wants to quit?"