Recently Added Conversations

Nov 13

J.T. English on What's Encouraging About the Future of the Church by J.T. English

Series: Conversations asks J.T. English, Pastor of The Village Church Institute at The Village Church in Denton, TX, "What encourages you about the future of the church?"

Nov 9

Don Whitney on The Gospel and Spiritual Disciplines by Staff

Series: Conversations

How is the gospel connected to the daily effort in the spiritual disciplines?

Nov 7

Trevin Wax on The Power of Story by Staff

Series: Conversations

Why should pastors think about the power of story?

Nov 6

Jonathan Leeman on Christians Voting Pragmatically by Jonathan Leeman

Series: Conversations asks Jonathan Leeman, Research Fellow for the ERLC and Editorial Director of 9Marks Ministries, "Is there any problem with Christians voting pragmatically?"

Nov 2

Clint Pressley on the Younger Generation by Clint Pressley

Series: Conversations

What encourages you about the younger generation?

Oct 30

Won Kwak on What Average Churchgoers May Not Understand About Their Pastor by Won S. Kwak

Series: Conversations asks Won Kwak, Lead Pastor of Maranatha Grace Church in Fort Lee, NJ: "What does the average churchgoer not understand about their pastor?"

Oct 26

Steve Bezner on Ministry In The Bible Belt by Steve Bezner

Series: Conversations

How has ministry in the Bible Belt changed in the last 10 years?

Oct 24

Mark Dever on Shepherding the Elderly by Mark Dever

Series: Conversations

What should a young pastor know about shepherding elderly church members?

Oct 23

Jen Wilkin on the Difference Between Grace and Permissiveness

Series: Conversations asks Jen Wilkin, author and teacher at The Village Church in Dallas, TX, "How is grace different from permissiveness?"

Oct 19

Michael Kelley On Taking Discipleship Seriously by Michael Kelley

Series: Conversations

Why don’t more churches take the process of discipleship seriously?