Recently Added Conversations

Jan 16

Matt Capps on Racism in the 21st Century by Matt Capps

Series: Conversations

Why do we still have a problem with racism in the 21st century church?

Jan 15

Robby Gallaty on Why Pastors Should Practice Text-Driven Preaching

Series: Conversations asks Robby Gallaty, Senior Pastor of Long Hollow Baptist Church in Hendersonville, TN, "What is text-driven preaching and why should pastors practice it?"

Jan 11

Jonathan Leeman on Meaningful Membership by Jonathan Leeman

Series: Conversations

Why is it as crucial as ever these days for churches to practice meaningful membership?

Jan 8

Jeff Medders on How Ministry in the Bible Belt Has Changed in the Last 10 Years by J.A. Medders

Series: Conversations asks Jeff Medders, Lead Pastor of Redeemer Church in Tomball, Texas, "How has ministry in the Bible Belt changed over the last 10 years?"​

Jan 2

J.T. English on Heart Knowledge by J.T. English

Series: Conversations

How can a Christian know that their head knowledge has become heart knowledge?

Dec 28, 2018

Don Whitney on Praying the Scriptures by Staff

Series: Conversations

How do I prevent praying the Scriptures from feeling formulaic?

Dec 21, 2018

Trevin Wax on The Future of the Church by Staff

Series: Conversations

What encourages you about the future of the church?

Dec 19, 2018

Trillia Newbell on Disappointment in Marriage by Trillia Newbell

Series: Conversations

What advice do you have for the wife who is disappointed with her husband?

Dec 18, 2018

Clint Pressley on the Non-Negotiables for Preaching by Clint Pressley

Series: Conversations asks Clint Pressley, Lead Pastor of Hickory Grove Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC, "What are some non-negotiables for preaching?"

Dec 14, 2018

Won Kwak on Evangelism in NYC by Won S. Kwak

Series: Conversations

What does evangelism look like in New York City?