Recently Added Conversations

Jun 21

Russell Moore on Politics and the Pastor by Russell Moore

Series: Conversations

How political should a local church pastor get with his flock?

Jun 19

Mark Dever on Sermon Prep by Mark Dever

Series: Conversations

What does your sermon preparation look like?

Jun 18

Trillia Newbell on Talking to Our Children About Ethnic Diversity by Trillia Newbell

Series: Conversations asks Trillia Newbell, Director of Community Outreach for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, "What are some important things to remember in talking to our children about ethnic diversity?"

Jun 14

Dean Inserra on First-Year Church Planting by Dean Inserra

Series: Conversations

What is the one thing you would say to the first-year church planter?

Jun 11

J.D. Greear on What Difficult Thing In Your Life Has Taught You The Most? by Staff

Series: Conversations asks J.D. Greear, Pastor of The Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, "What difficult thing in your life has taught you the most?"

Jun 7

Jen Wilkin on Women and Discipleship by Staff

Series: Conversations

What misconceptions do pastors have about women and discipleship?

Jun 5

Jeff Medders on Writing Sermons by J.A. Medders

Series: Conversations

How do you write sermons? Describe your sermon preparation process.

Jun 4

H.B. Charles on the Pastor's Most Important Weekly Tasks by H.B. Charles, Jr.

Series: Conversations asks H.B. Charles, "What are the pastor’s most important weekly tasks?"

May 31

Nathan Finn on Diversity in the Church by Nathan Finn

Series: Conversations

What kind of diversity is important for every church?

May 28

Don Whitney on How Spiritual Disciplines "Work" in Our Sanctification asks Don Whitney, Professor of Biblical Spirituality & Associate Dean of the School of Theology at Southern Seminary, "How Do Spiritual Disciplines ‘Work’ In Our Sanctification?"