FTC Preaching Guides

Nov 9

FTC Preaching Guide: 1 Corinthians by W. Tyler Sykora

You should preach 1 Corinthians because of its clear and humbling teaching on how to lead and build the body of Christ well.

Sep 7

FTC Preaching Guide: Judges by Benjamin Vrbicek

For those willing to break a sweat and endure some soreness, the vistas that open in the book of Judges are just as fearfully and wonderfully made—you just might have to wade through a swamp or hack through a jungle before you can see them.

Jul 27

FTC Preaching Guide: Revelation by Jason Kees

Revelation is one of the most difficult books of the Bible to preach and teach. But for the one who patiently and carefully mines the caverns of this marvelous work, there are riches to be unearthed.

Mar 23

FTC Preaching Guide: 1 Peter by Travis Montgomery

If you want your people to joyfully submit to God and serve those around them with humility, resisting sin and clinging to Christ, encouraged toward endurance all the way to their earthly end, consider preaching or teaching 1 Peter.

Feb 23

FTC Preaching Guide: 2 Corinthians by Samuel G. Parkison

2 Corinthians is inspired by God, and preaching “the whole counsel of God” looks like preaching this book.

Jan 21

FTC Preaching Guide: Philippians by Cole Feix

In Philippians, we encounter the unconquerable joy that comes from knowing Christ.

Oct 20

FTC Preaching Guide: Micah by Joseph Lanier

Micah is a beautiful book and a literary masterpiece. In three movements, God speaks through Micah his word of judgment and salvation.

Aug 18

FTC Preaching Guide: Jude by Jared Bumpers

Jude’s message of warning and encouragement is needed in the church today. May preachers pick up this book, study it, and preach it to their church for the glory of God!

Aug 11

Introducing the For The Church Preaching Guides by Ronni Kurtz

We are excited to announce a new series of resources coming to FTC.co—the For the Church Preaching Guides.