Video Resources

Nov 27

Jeff Medders on Difficulty in Life by J.A. Medders

Series: Conversations

What difficult thing in your life has taught you the most?

Nov 20

Trevin Wax on Gospel-Centered Teaching by Staff

Series: Conversations

What is gospel-centered teaching?

Nov 13

Won Kwak On New Christians And The Church by Won S. Kwak

Series: Conversations

What is the one thing a new Christian needs most from his church?

Oct 30

J.T. English on Discipleship in Larger Churches by J.T. English

What are some of the challenges large churches face in creating a discipleship culture?

Oct 23

Christine Hoover On Churches Remembering Pastor’s Wives by Christine Hoover

What are some important things for churches to remember about pastors’ wives?

Sep 18

Dean Inserra on Protecting from Moral Failing by Dean Inserra

How can a pastor protect his family, his church, and himself from moral failing?

Sep 11

Won Kwak on New Christians and the Church by Won S. Kwak

What is the one thing a new Christian needs most from his church?

Sep 4

David Prince on The State of Preaching by David Prince

How would you characterize the state of preaching in evangelicalism today?

Aug 14

Dan Darling on the True Jesus by Daniel Darling

How would a Christian know if the Jesus he or she worships is the true Jesus?

Aug 11

John Mark Yeats on Where to Start With Church History by John Mark Yeats

Series: Conversations asks John Mark Yeats, Dean of Students and Professor of Church History at MBTS, “If someone wanted to jump into studying church history, where would be a good place to start?”