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Episode 11: Dave Harvey

In this episode of the podcast, Jared Wilson speaks with Dave Harvey.

Dave is the Teaching Pastor at Summit Church in Naples, Florida; Executive Director of the Sojourn NetworkAm I Called?, When Sinners Say I Do, and Rescuing Ambition, and co-author of the new book Letting Go: Rugged Love for Wayward Souls.

Topics of discussion include:

The nuts and bolts of pastoral ministry that are often missed.

Why it's so common for pastors to skip over gospel application in their own life.

Why is there a disconnect between what pastors apply to others and what they apply to themselves?

How by trying to avoid "legalism," we may end up neglecting to teach sound application.

What does "rugged love" toward a prodigal friend or family member look like?

What can we learn from the pattern of celebrity pastor flame-outs?

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