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Episode 12: Jen Wilkin

In this episode of the podcast, Jared Wilson speaks with Jen Wilkin, a ministry leader at The Village Church (Texas) and author of the books Women of the Word and None Like Him and  Bible studies on 1 Peter and The Sermon on the Mount.

Wilson and Wilkin cover numerous topics and questions, including:

What to do when someone in a small group shares an incorrect interpretation of a Bible passage or even heresy.

How Jen fell in love with the Bible and how she knew she was gifted to teach it.

Why the prosperity gospel sells so well.

Do men and women learn differently?

Why are women's ministries so often corny?

Why community groups can be difficult places to learn Scripture.

Quotable quotes from Jen in this episode:

“We are prisoners of our own experiences.”

“I was hearing people open their Bibles and they were all saying different things.”

“Younger women are just done with superficial women’s ministry.”

“There are real and painful consequences to false teaching.”

“Sorority life was a bad trip for me!”

“I was the one who talked way too much in small group.”

“Women can do community in their sleep.”

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