Recently Added Resources

Sep 22

Institutional Humility by Jared Sparks

Churches are called to function with institutional and missional piety. 

Sep 22

The Church Commute: Why Where You Live Matters by Bryan Elliff

Is our body life suffering because all of its parts live so far away?

Sep 21

Career Idolators (And What to Do About Our Jealousy) by Sean Nolan

When we accept that God’s kingdom comes through hands other than our own, we’ve begun to relinquish control of our own kingdom as it’s eclipsed by his.

Sep 21

An Old Church Building and a Reminder of Grace by K.V. Paxton

 It does not matter if we think we’re worth it; He thinks we are. 

Sep 21

The Long Way Is Not The Wrong Way by Michael Kelley

There’s a funny thing that happens when God takes you on the long way – you actually become something, rather than just end up somewhere.

Sep 20

Episode 014: Christian George

For the Church Podcast

A Resource for the Church from Midwestern Seminary

Episode 14: Christian George

“We are most beautiful when we are broken.”

Sep 20

Remember Whose Name You're Wearing by Allyson Todd

Christ brought his own petition of a perfect life and signed it in his blood so that the Highest name of all could be given to the lowest of us. 

Sep 20

4 Things I Love About Jesus by Tim Counts

Just as Jesus is both all-powerful and all-compassionate, only Jesus can be all grace and all truth at the same time. 

Sep 19

Being Part of the Cuddle by Adam Kareus

Just stop for a moment and ponder this truth: we get to wiggle our way into the eternal embrace of the Father and the Son.