Recently Added Resources

Apr 15

I Used To Be by Adam Kareus

We long for the whitewashed memories to be a present reality.

Apr 15

Links For The Church by Staff

This week's links include resources on explaining the gospel, why parents' generosity matters, God's kindness, Sign Language and Scripture, believing the Bible because of our parents, and how to encourage the preacher. 

Apr 14

It Will be Well by Charles Spurgeon

O beloved, if God declares that all is well, ten thousand devils may declare it to be ill, but we laugh them all to scorn. 

Apr 12

Jesus Is Better Than The Church by Rebekah Hannah

Jesus defines the church, but the church does not define Jesus.

Apr 12

Holy Weakness by Nathan Clinkscales

The grace of God meets my identity crisis and reminds me that I am approved by God in Christ, and the approval of man I can never earn.

Apr 11

How to Sleep When You’re Afraid by Seth McDevitt

One day my eyelids will do what they were made to do.

Apr 11

Seen by the Unseen by Jim Elliff

Among the panoply of spiritual beings said to see into our world, none is more pervasive, interested, and involved than God himself.

Apr 11

Commitments of a Great Commission Church by H.B. Charles, Jr.

What does it mean for a church to be on mission for Christ? Here are ten commitments of a Great Commission church.

Apr 10

When You Make Your Bed In Hell by Andrea Burke

I wanted the Bible to fit my story. I didn’t want any impositions.