Recently Added Resources

Aug 10

Having Faith in Doubt: A Response to Steven Furtick by Owen Strachan

We believe in and confess that his death has absorbed the Father’s just wrath and washed our sin away. 

Aug 10

Matt Capps on Books Pastors Should Read by Matt Capps

Series: Conversations

What kind of books should pastors read that they normally don’t?

Aug 10

4 Ways Elders Should Seek Accountability by Dave Harvey

The standard of beauty is God—the interplay of his own unity, diversity, and harmony.

Aug 9

Beware of the Whisperer by James Williams

Don’t let the whisperer's harmless appearance, smooth talk, and flattering words fool you; he’s capable of much destruction.

Aug 9

When You Want to Put On a Mask by Scott Sauls

Jonah, David, and Paul saw the value of sometimes putting their worst foot forward as a way to show a watching world how long, high, wide and deep is the love of God.

Aug 9

Come Thou Fount - Part 2 by Joshua Jenkins

What a joy to sing that Jesus sought us out while we were strangers to the fold of God!

Aug 8

Episode 037: What to Do When Your Pastor Quits

For the Church Podcast

A Resource for the Church from Midwestern Seminary

On this episode of the FTC Podcast, Jared Wilson talks about about how a church should respond when a pastor, under normal circumstances, resigns from his ministry.

Aug 8

For The Love Of The Church by Skylar Spradlin

Sacrifice is the first act of true love for the church because this is how Christ loved the church.

Aug 8

Are We Allergic to Insignificance? by Erik Raymond

As evangelicals, we would be better served to look at the child and embrace our insignificance rather than clamor for the significance, power, and fame that comes from another kingdom.

Aug 7

It Isn’t About Me by Jim Elliff

The world is a barren wilderness without love. You really do need each other.