Recently Added Resources

Oct 12

God Is Bigger Than Our Immaturity by Adam Kareus

The gospel is greater than our inability. Grace covers our shortcomings. Jesus achieved for the underachievers.

Oct 11

Sanctification: Shaped Into Something Wonderful by Mallory Bierig

Our work to grow in Christ-likeness is an overflow from salvation and serves as fruit of salvation.

Oct 11

He Remains Faithful by Joel Littlefield

In every area of life that faithfulness really matters to us Jesus is our greatest example. 

Oct 10

Jesus Did Not Die So You Could Be Cool

In Praise of "Christian Culture"

Jesus did not die so you could be cool. Jesus died so you could escape the torments of hell and sing his praises in the new heavens and new earth for all eternity.

Oct 10

Seeing Beyond the Rubble of Ministry by H.B. Charles, Jr.

This is the remedy for discouragement in ministry. Looking beyond the rubble and remembering the Lord who is great and awesome!

Oct 9

Like When Dylan Went Electric

Why You Need Courage for the Attractional-to-Gospel Transition

How this Sunday at your church could be like the 1965 Newport Folk Festival.

Oct 9

8 Reasons to Love Sound Doctrine by Kevin Halloran

Sound doctrine originates with God Himself and is uncorrupted and life-giving.

Oct 9

Links For The Church (10/9) by Staff

This week's links include resources on altar calls, hope for the future, racial reconciliation language, and how to talk to kids about the Las Vegas shooting.

Oct 8

Launch Out into the Deep by Charles Spurgeon

But with Christ we can do all things.

Oct 6

Rely on God’s Word, Not on Techniques by Andy Davis

The most significant force in the revitalization of any local church is the ongoing ministry of the Word of God Sunday after Sunday.