Recently Added Resources

May 17

Peyton Hill on Christ-Centered Leadership by Peyton Hill

Series: Conversations

What does Christ-centered leadership look like?

May 16

This Mystery is Profound by Jim Elliff

Nothing can provide a better picture of the relationship between believers to Christ than marriage. It explains why loving submission and sacrificial authority is so important.

May 16

Will We Go When Wisdom Calls? by David McLemore

The wisdom of God is more than just right thinking; it’s the glories of his righteousness and the wonders of his love.

May 16

To the Young Pastor Who Feels Inadequate by Jared Kathcart

We have a God that deals in the business of the inadequate and unworthy. Let the power of Christ rest upon you, young pastor.

May 15

Episode 057: Robby Gallaty

For the Church Podcast

A Resource for the Church from Midwestern Seminary

On this episode of the podcast, Jared Wilson talks with author and pastor Robby Gallaty about the discipleship deficit in the church and how to correct it.

May 15

How Do We Know If We Have The Spirit? by Casey Lewis

God's track record is flawless, and His ability to accomplish His purposes is unquestionable. 

May 15

Don’t You Stir A Step

The First Californian Believer’s Baptism

Testimonies arising from scores of churches all over the Golden State represent the Kingdom fruit of the gospel sown over the last 170 years.

May 14

Jesus: The One Who Commands and the One Who Understands by Michael Kelley

Jesus is commanding a life of faithfulness, of loyalty, and yes, in many cases, sacrifice. But He is not unaware of what He’s asking. He understands.​

May 14

A Gentle and Quiet Woman by Andrea Burke

Our goals as Christian women should and will look different the more we behold Christ and, in desperation, throw everything aside and root ourselves in him. Only then can we be immovable, unshakable, laughing at the days to come.​​

May 14

Jonathan Leeman on Church Discipline

What do most Christians not know about church discipline?

Series: Conversations

We asked Jonathan Leeman, "What do most Christians not know about church discipline?"