Recently Added Resources

Feb 14

Don Whitney On The Christian's Devotional Life by Staff

Series: Conversations

What is the one thing you would do to change the Christian’s devotional life?

Feb 13

Three Ways a Pastor and His Wife Can Stay in Love by Tim Counts

When I am closer to Jesus, I am closer to my wife. I mean truly closer to Jesus, in my heart, not just thinking I am closer because I am doing the right things.

Feb 13

The Apologetic of Being Mom

Why Mothers Must Be Theologians

Fellow moms, if we think teaching our children about the Triune God and the universe he made is small or pitiable or unimportant, we don’t understand smallness.

Feb 12

When Intimacy With God Is Absent by Scott Sauls

Because God put Jesus away on the cross, he will never put us away.

Feb 12

Keeping Our Confidence in Christ by Lianna Davis

Jude’s letter is emphatic that Jesus Christ is our only Savior, a teaching all the more pronounced through Jude’s litany of the sorrowfully condemned.

Feb 11

Not Every Thing is as Important as the Next Thing: John Calvin on Theological Triage by Jonathon Woodyard

Not every theological issue demands warfare. Not every doctrinal disagreement deserves the same outrage on social media.

Feb 10

Looking For a Church? Here’s What to Look For by Jim Elliff

Though there are many things a particular church may not be able to do well, love is not one of them.

Feb 10

Links For The Church (2/10) by Staff

This week's links include resources on salvation, language and the missionary, guarding your relationship with God, one-to-one Bible reading, and churches working together. 

Feb 10

Why Knowing Your Flock is Critical to Meaningful Preaching by Jared C. Wilson

The ministry of preaching cannot be divorced from the ministry of soul care; in fact, preaching is actually an extension of soul care. There are a host of reasons why it is important for pastors who want to preach meaningfully to know their flocks as well as they can, but here are three of the most important.