Recently Added Resources

Sep 27

Nathan Rose on Church Replanting by Nathan Rose

Series: Conversations

What have you learned are the advantages of a church re-plant over planting a new work?

Sep 26

Won Kwak on When to Stop Counseling Someone by Won S. Kwak

Series: Conversations asks Won Kwak, Lead Pastor of Maranatha Church in Fort Lee, NJ: "How do you know when to stop counseling someone?"​

Sep 26

Who Is an Evangelical?: A Book Review by Mike Brooks

In Who Is an Evangelical?, Thomas Kidd reminds us of what initially earned us the "evangelical" label, beckoning us to remember where we came from and offering a proposition to return.

Sep 26

Revival and the Book of Nehemiah by Sam Parkison

If you are not content with a Christianity characterized by minimal devotion to God, Nehemiah is your book.​

Sep 25

Our Only Hope: A Review of the 2019 For the Church Annual Conference by Ronni Kurtz

One rhythm rooted in the life of Midwestern Seminary is the annual For the Church National Conference. For two days in September, pastors and ministry leaders ascend upon Kansas City in hopes to feast on the goodness and grace of God in the form of conference sermons, breakouts, panels, and fellowship with one another. 

Sep 25

A Rubbish Redeemed by Katie McCoy

Because He is the Master at creating a brand new something from a pile of nothing, He saw what we could become.

Sep 25

Unforeseen Benefits of Expository Preaching by Skylar Spradlin

We are a people who want to walk through and consider every verse of Scripture.

Sep 24

8 Ways to Battle ‘Comfort Idolatry’ by Brett McCracken

One of Christianity’s greatest idolatries today is also one of the most subtle and insidious: the idolatry of comfort. 

Sep 24

Five Encouragements for Pastors Intimidated by Biblical Counseling by Edward T. Welch

When it comes to people who are really suffering, many pastors are tempted to feel overwhelmed and under-qualified. If that’s you, pastor, here five things to remember.

Sep 24

Dan Darling on the Difference Between Civility and Cowardice asks Dan Darling, Vice President for Communications at the ERLC, "What's the difference between civility and cowardice?"