Resources by Theme: Devotional

Apr 24

Man's Praise and the Divine Accolade by Mike Brooks

The good news in all this is that we are gloriously whole and are being made to feel that way also. But God is not content that we fill up on vainglory.

Apr 23

20 Quotes from 'The Imperfect Disciple' by Jared C. Wilson

“Do you know why there are a thousand fresh self-help books every year? It’s because they don’t work.”

Apr 22

How Close by Charles Spurgeon

It is delightful to reflect how close is Christ's union with his people.

Apr 19

The Leader and Abuse of Power by Mike Ayers

In his temptation, Jesus understood that not even a legitimate need should be met in illegitimate ways.

Apr 19

Navigating Through Difficult Seasons by Darrell Deer

We may not understand what God is doing or even agree with it, but we know that while things are hopelessly beyond our control, they are not beyond His.

Apr 18

Living By The Prophet's Words by Jim Elliff

It has been revealed to God’s prophets already, they have written it for you, and that is enough.

Apr 17

Be Countercultural and Enjoy Your Work by Russell L. Meek

The work-life God set forth is a life of purposeful work of imaging God in our shepherding of his creation.

Apr 16

My Left Knee

A Heartwarming Story of Creeping Death

My left knee sends out a regular signal in Morse code that death is creeping up on me.

Apr 16

Drawing Near To God Through Sanctification by Bethany Mathis

The truth of God’s love is weaved through the Scriptures and culminated at the cross and it is unignorable.

Apr 13

The Beatitudes for Today by Gabe Posey

If I want to soothe that deep, empty ache in my heart, am I ready to chase down the right things, even when it costs me dearly? 

Apr 13

The Quiet Faithful Life of Ruth Lee by Andrea Burke

The amazing and good news about this upside-down kingdom of our God is that you can be the most effective, the most faithful, and leave the greatest legacy simply by being faithful in your quiet life. 

Apr 12

Men, God’s Control, and Self-Control by David Prince

A man with self-control is not governed by his emotions, but is governed by God and his gospel.

Apr 11

9 Spurgeon Quotes on Fear and Faith by Lianna Davis

A Christian’s confidence in fear is that God does exist as One who, of his own incomprehensible decision and grace, rewards those who seek him

Apr 10

Grocery Store Theology by Adam Kareus

From one point of view, the natural result of being a new creation, regenerated by the Spirit, is that we have the fruit of that new life being produced in our lives.

Apr 9

When the Real You Suddenly Shows Up

Biblical Thoughts on Moral Failure

The problem and the promise for those who fail morally is that Jesus will only deal with us on the playing field of reality.

Apr 9

Humanity’s Fall and God’s Redemption by Samantha Sykora

Why do we seek contentment in things that will never satisfy, long to make much of ourselves, and compare our lives with others? 

Apr 8

Fear No Evil by Charles Spurgeon

Fear not; the divine Spirit can give you, in your want, a greater plenty than the rich have in their abundance.

Apr 6

Vanity of Vanities by Adam McClendon

If you live in pursuit of the things of this world in an attempt to satisfy the longing of your soul, then you will die empty.

Apr 5

On Brokenness and Our Two-Speed Culture by Sam Parkison

God shows his love for us not by affirming our brokenness, but by receiving us while still in such a state, and then slapping an expiration date on it.

Apr 3

Fighting, Taking Flight, and the Invitation to be Known by Scott Sauls

If your trust is anchored in Jesus, you never need to fear his frown. God has no anger left for you.

Apr 3

3 Attributes of the Truly Victorious Christian Life by Michael Kelley

Victory in Jesus is not equivalent to an exemption from trouble. Nor does it mean that you look like a champion in the eyes of the world.

Apr 1

The Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ

An Easter Sermon from Charles Spurgeon

This proves the futility of all opposition to Christ

Mar 30

Why Did Christ Die?

A Reflection on 'The Cross of Christ' by John Stott

by Staff

The cross is an exposure of human evil and at the same time a revelation of the divine purpose to overcome human evil.

Mar 29

Faith for What's Too Much by Bryan Elliff

There are a myriad of things the Lord is calling us to do as a body and a myriad more he is calling you to do as an individual. And most of them are uncomfortable.

Mar 29

The Ice Returns Every Morning by Erik Raymond

Living in a fallen world means living in perpetual winter, at least in the morning. With each frosty morning, we must grab our tools and get to work.

Mar 26

Laziness is Idolatry by Jared C. Wilson

When people are lazy (or restless), they do have a sin problem, but the sin problem is just a symptom of the deeper worship problem.

Mar 25

Betrayed by Charles Spurgeon

Let me be on my guard when the world puts on a loving face, for it will, if possible, betray me as it did my Master, with a kiss.

Mar 22

Comfort Food Versus True Comfort by Adam Kareus

God is the only one that can truly give us comfort and this is a comfort that doesn’t just look to the past and the good ol’ days. It is a comfort that holds the future in its hands.

Mar 22

When You've Broken What You Cannot Fix by Kole Farney

Jesus did not come for those who presume they are innocent before God, but for sinners who know they are guilty.

Mar 21

The Depth of Mercy in the Pits of Sin by Joshua Jenkins

Jacob failed his daughter, his wives, his sons, himself, and God; but God did not fail Jacob

Mar 20

4 Words That Will Change the Way You Lead by Michael Kelley

So confident is the Son of God. So self-assured. So much so that He holds Himself out so us, day after day, with the same invitation: "Come and you'll see."

Mar 20

Don Whitney on What a Christian's Devotional Time Should Look Like asks Don Whitney, Professor of Biblical Spirituality and Associate Dean at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, "What should the average Christian's devotional time look like?"

Mar 18

You Are Loved Like Jesus by Charles Spurgeon

As the Father loves the Son, in the same manner Jesus loves his people.

Mar 15

Trials, Our Blessed Chauffeurs by Erik Raymond

Trials can be surprising ministers, serving us by showing our insufficiency and escorting us to our all-sufficient God.

Mar 14

The Big Brother In Us by C. J. Moore

If you opt out of being vulnerable with your sin and prefer instead to convey a sense of perfection with your life, there’s likely a legalistic spirit that needs to be killed.

Mar 13

Jesus’ Left-Wing and Right-Wing Disciples by Scott Sauls

We should feel “at home” with people who share our faith but not our politics even more than we do with people who share our politics but not our faith.

Mar 13

Favor With God by Joshua Jenkins

There is no price we can pay to remove the stain of our sin and guilt. Favor with God is something that is only given.

Mar 13

The Heir of All Things by David McLemore

Jesus doesn’t lord his inheritance over you. He serves you with it, giving you a portion along with him.

Mar 12

20 Quotes from 'Supernatural Power for Everyday People' by Jared C. Wilson

This is how the Christian life is designed to work . . .

Mar 12

Christ As Prophet by Stephanie Leatherbury

Jesus Christ is the eternal Word that perfectly communicates and reveals God to His people. 

Mar 11

Thou Shalt Be Called 'Sought Out' by Charles Spurgeon

The surpassing grace of God is seen very clearly in that we were not only sought, but sought out.

Mar 9

How Peace Is Protection by Kath Thomas

Our minds are complex, intricate, sometimes confusing, and always in need of guarding. 

Mar 8

Being a Control Freak by Adam Kareus

When we trust that God is in control, we are freed to take responsibility for our own actions.

Mar 6

Jesus Left Things Unfixed by Christine Hoover

We must be careful what we call beautiful. We must be careful not to attribute words to the Word that he never said.

Mar 6

4 Things to Tell Yourself When Anxiety is Overwhelming by Michael Kelley

Our anxiety is tempered by remembering that we have a Father who gives good gifts.

Mar 5

The Beautiful Monotony of the Gospel by Jared C. Wilson

One fear we must put aside in our quest for greater gospel-centrality is that it will not preach week to week.

Mar 5

Academic Work as Spiritual Discipline by Russell L. Meek

Let your academic study and writing become a spiritual discipline through which you are able to behold the wonders of our God. 

Mar 4

Sufficient Forever by Charles Spurgeon

This patience of the saints proves the power of divine grace.

Mar 2

Christ Our Better and Eternal Priest by Kaitlyn Wright

One sin deserves God’s wrath for all eternity, but the shed blood of Christ, our Eternal Priest, removes the punishment for our sins forever.