Resources by Theme: Devotional

Feb 23

When I Am Afraid In The Airport by Steve Burchett

Our brothers and sisters in Christ are God’s gifts to steady us, to laugh with us, to remind us of the mission we are on together for Christ’s fame.

Feb 22

Do You Suffer from ‘Bible Anorexia’? by Keri Folmar

A banquet of Christ awaits us. Let’s not starve, but enjoy the feast!

Feb 22

When Bible Study Goes Wrong by David Prince

The Bible is preoccupied with the Messiah and we must be as well.

Feb 21

Do You Have A Camel In Your Throat? by Bryan Elliff

We take the things that are good for the Christian life, some of which God even requires of us, and give them unhealthy focus. 

Feb 20

How 'Sola Fide' Empowers Your Personal Evangelism by Michael Kelley

If salvation is by faith alone, then every person we come in contact with is within a single moment of faith of being made a child of God.

Feb 20

Looking Comes First by David McLemore

Whatever else we do as Christian leaders must stem from seeing Jesus first.

Feb 19

The Battle Against Sin and Self by Kaitlyn Wright

Death and dying are never easy, but both in physical death and spiritual death we have the hope of God’s promises to come. 

Feb 18

When You've Sinned by Charles Spurgeon

We have been cleansed once for all, but our feet still need to be washed from the defilement of our daily walk as children of God.

Feb 16

Resurrection in Genesis 31 by Joshua Jenkins

He died to live, and to live so that other dead people could come alive.

Feb 16

Do You Search For Wisdom? by David Appelt

God himself is the true fountain from which we find all wisdom.

Feb 15

God's Answer to a Ridiculous Question by Steven Thompson

Sometimes God answers age-old questions while engaging in magnificent acts, the purpose for which is anything but answering said questions.

Feb 13

White as Snow, Though My Sins Were as Scarlet! by Tim Counts

The reason your scarlet sins can be made white as snow is because Jesus' scarlet blood covers them.

Feb 12

The Danger of Gossip by Jared C. Wilson

Three tactical steps to do battle against this pernicious sin.

Feb 11

Returning to Your First Love by Charles Spurgeon

O quicken us that we may return to our first love, and do our first works!

Feb 9

When Your New Year's Resolutions Have Flown Out the Window by Stacy Reaoch

When our plans go awry it can be easy to spiral into complaining and self-pity.

Feb 9

Doing the Work of the Lord by H.B. Charles, Jr.

Because the Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead, we must not waste our lives.

Feb 8

The Accuser or the Advocate? Our Daily Battle by David Prince

Your feeble efforts can add nothing to the finished work of Christ. When Jesus cried “It is finished!” he meant it.

Feb 7

I Am Eeyore by Adam Kareus

This is joy uplifts all that I do so that I can now find joy in the most mundane task or everyday circumstance. 

Feb 7

Comfort Is a Deadly Compass by Erik Raymond

What we need is a trust in God that can endure seasons of discomfort by denying ourselves.

Feb 6

Jesus is Never Late by David McLemore

If Christ hasn’t experienced the bitter taste of sin, how does he know the sweetness he must apply?

Feb 5

A Bid for the Throne and a Rightful Heir by Jeanie Layne

When I’m fearful of a broken and hostile world, the presence of a King who dwells among His people emboldens my faltering hopes.

Feb 4

Love that Refreshes the Soul by Charles Spurgeon

Does not this make thee love Jesus?

Feb 2

Christ Turns The Tide of Guilt by Amy Mantravadi

We must realize that a proper appreciation of one’s guilt before God is a gift that can lead us to the truth, and without which we are lost. 

Feb 1

When the Money Runs Out

Lessons from John Stam on God's Provision

Six lessons missionary John Stam learned while trusting God provide for all his needs.

Feb 1

Is God Pleased With You? by David Appelt

How can I know God is pleased with me? The crushing answer: be perfect. The good news: Jesus has given the answer for us.

Jan 30

The Lord's Power in Kingdom Advance by Steve Burchett

Missionaries feel their inadequacies daily and need reminded that the Lord they serve is omnipotent.

Jan 29

Don't Be a Rich Fool by Jared C. Wilson

We must not become earth-rich and God-poor.

Jan 28

Perfect by Charles Spurgeon

In God's sight, you are "complete in him."

Jan 25

Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit by Bryan Elliff

It is not enough just to be spiritually needy; we must recognize it, also.

Jan 23

Being Available for Gospel Ministry by Mike Brooks

The ones we stand in the midst of on a Sunday morning are the flesh and blood set around us as a perpetual help in remembering the flesh torn and the blood shed for us.

Jan 21

Thirsty and Ready to Die by Charles Spurgeon

You must expect to feel weakest when you are enjoying your greatest triumph.

Jan 18

That is Not the Way You Learned Christ by Kole Farney

You are not who you were and, therefore, you don’t belong where you used to. You are different, so walk that way.

Jan 17

Heaven’s Mariner Brings Us Home by Erik Raymond

The only way God could speak a word of welcoming mercy to sinners like me and you is to speak a word of judgment to Christ in our place.

Jan 16

Doorkeepers to the Kingdom by Jeff Higgins

We will experience Jesus for all eternity. Praise God! But even if we only experienced him for a day, we would be fully satisfied.

Jan 15

3 Things Heaven Changes by Jared C. Wilson

However great the trouble I’ve been through in the past, I know God will compensate me much more greatly in the future, which gives me tremendous joy in the present.

Jan 14

Salvation for the Sinking by Charles Spurgeon

Our extremities are the Lord's opportunities.

Jan 11

Jesus Died a Hero? by Bryan Elliff

In his self-sacrifice, Jesus shows us the greatest expression of great love by laying down not only his life, but his reputation also.

Jan 10

Beware of the Self-Elevating Gospel by Bethany Mathis

The more I dig into the Word, the more I see with glaring clarity that the Bible is like a collection of big neon signs pointing to the cross.

Jan 9

Staying Humble When Your Promotion Doesn't Come by Mike Leake

The truly humble person will take the low position and will not be shocked, dismayed, or depressed if he stays there.

Jan 8

Building and Destroying, Transforming and Terrifying - All with a Word by Jared C. Wilson

"Do you think that mere words are strategy and power for war?" Yes. We do.

Jan 8

Apologies Ad Nauseam: Parents and Repentance by Abigail Dodds

Where we may run amok is forgetting that our confession and receiving of forgiveness should be effecting something significant in us. 

Jan 7

To Live is Christ by Charles Spurgeon

He professes to live for Christ; how can he live for another object without committing a spiritual adultery?

Jan 5

I Need You To Watch Over Me by Adam Kareus

The irony of growing on our faith is that we have to be childlike to mature. 

Jan 4

Covenant Security by Joshua Jenkins

To be in the covenant of grace is to be secure in the love of God; it is to be tied to Christ - unchanging, unfading, never failing.

Jan 4

Leaving Christianity

How an Old Man Helped Saved My Faith

I was the kid who always kept his nose clean, had his act together, and tried to do the right thing. Why wasn’t I prospering?

Jan 3

Big Data and the Holy Spirit by Luke Holmes

I have a God who cares about me, and who loves me enough to orchestrate everything so that my soul is fed the right thing for the day I need it.

Jan 2

The Difference Between True and So-called Grace by Jared Sparks

A grace that turns inward is no grace at all. 

Dec 31, 2017

The Most Important Resolution by Charles Spurgeon

O be wise, be wise in time, and ere another year begins, believe in Jesus, who is able to save to the uttermost.

Dec 28, 2017

Welcoming God Into the Worship Gathering by Mike Leake

Why in the world would we tell the One who owns the place that He’s welcome there?

Dec 27, 2017

Living as In-Between People by Emily Jensen

God has a perfect track record of caring for his in-between people and carrying them to the finish line.