Resources by Theme: Devotional

Dec 12

Christ’s Shocking Pleas for Mercy by Erik Raymond

Even amid the most heated and intense opposition, Jesus shows his heart of mercy and pleads for forgiveness.

Dec 11

Why We Shouldn't Change the Gospel by Casey Lewis

It might be tempting to change the message because we often think we have to do something in return for what we are given, but not so with the gospel.

Dec 11

Advent: Two Kinds of Waiting at Once by Jessica Snell

Jesus’ first arrival made way for his second. The incarnation and the second coming are wound together.

Dec 7

Cherish, Heed, and Herald God's Word by Grace Pike

Whether our physical Bible is coming apart or not, we should store up the word in our hearts.

Dec 6

Why Every Day is Thanksgiving by H.B. Charles, Jr.

For the humble spirit that knows where its help comes from, every day is a day of thanksgiving!

Dec 5

We Need Someone to Help Us by David McLemore

He entered human flesh to show us that he is better in every situation, at every turning point, in every crisis.

Dec 4

The Lamentation of a Sinner

Confessions of Henry VIII's Sixth Wife

Though a relatively short work, Queen Katherine Parr's The Lamentation of a Sinner is a deeply personal and overwhelmingly theological confession of her unworthiness for the grace of God.

Dec 3

Backsliding Is Easy by Adam Kareus

We are called to continue in the ways of God, to pursue godliness.

Dec 3

On Stuff and Stinginess by Jared C. Wilson

“I hope that everyone gets to rich and famous and have everything they ever wanted so they could see it isn’t the answer.” 

Dec 2

The Beautiful Church by Charles Spurgeon

The Lord's admiration of his Church is very wonderful, and his description of her beauty is very glowing.

Nov 29

What It Means to Love Christ by Jim Elliff

You cannot love Christ as an attachment to life, either in an intentional part-time way or a part-hearted way.

Nov 29

Seeking the 'Real Face of Jesus' by Benjamin Hawkins

Since God became a man who lived in a particular time and place, we can be more confident that He cares about the particulars of our time.

Nov 26

Sleep with Your Boots On by Jared C. Wilson

We must wear this armor constantly. We should never take it off.

Nov 26

When You’re Sick of Yourself by Kaitlyn Wright

How God views me is not based on my performance but based on Christ’s perfect performance and sacrifice on my behalf.

Nov 25

Deliverance for the Captives by Charles Spurgeon

When Jesus sets free, the liberty is perpetually entailed; no chains can bind again. 

Nov 23

“Born Again” – First A Verb Before An Adjective by Jason G. Duesing

In the various expressions of contemporary evangelicalism it is often easy to forget that the phrase “born again” is a biblical phrase, employed a verb, not an adjective.

Nov 23

Faced With The Impossible by Adam Kareus

When faced with the impossible, trying, and hard situations of life we should be God-seekers.

Nov 22

Happy Thanksgiving from FTC (and Charles Spurgeon) by Charles Spurgeon

We have here crowning mercies, suggesting special and crowning thanksgiving. 

Nov 20

3 Things to Be Cautious of in a Season of Suffering by Michael Kelley

Suffering creates an avenue for ministry as it makes us able to extend the comfort we receive from the Lord to others.

Nov 20

Mythbusting "Santa God" by Adam McClendon

God’s preeminent concern is the glory of His name, not the comfort of our lives.

Nov 19

When You Invite the Holy Spirit to Thanksgiving Dinner by Jared C. Wilson

Christians have the power to “do relationships” in an entirely unworldly way.

Nov 18

A Secret Spring by Charles Spurgeon

Oh! how sure and safe is the inner life of the believer!

Nov 15

When a Father Wound Defines You by Scott Sauls

When you’ve wrestled with God and prevailed with a blessing, it has a way of breaking the spell of insecurity and fear.

Nov 14

The Unfamiliar Beauty of a Familiar Sentence by Ronni Kurtz

We might intellectually know our union with God will never falter, but our communion with him sometimes can feel far and sporadic. 

Nov 14

God Knows When You Don't by Kristen Wetherell

Though we don’t deserve to be heard, God chooses to hear and acknowledge repentant sinners who struggle with unfaithfulness and wander from him.

Nov 12

Let Your Internet Yes Be Your Real-Life Yes

The Problem with Online Persona

We weren’t designed to be double-minded. We weren’t made to playact, to posture. So it’s impossible to keep The Persona from taking over.

Nov 12

Her Stillborn, Him Sovereign by Lianna Davis

Anguish and confidence met to form sonorous, singing agreement: our God in heaven is sovereign.

Nov 11

Your Inheritance by Charles Spurgeon

Remember this, had any other condition been better for you than the one in which you are, divine love would have put you there. 

Nov 9

Don Whitney on The Gospel and Spiritual Disciplines by Staff

Series: Conversations

How is the gospel connected to the daily effort in the spiritual disciplines?

Nov 8

Reflecting on Love Incarnate by Adam McClendon

The uniquely begotten Son of God stepped out of the glory of heaven to bring the glory of the Father to us. Does his birth not demonstrate his love for us?

Nov 7

Bruised Reeds and Smoldering Wicks are Not Useless to Jesus by Tim Counts

Jesus never turned away a person who came to him broken, hurting, and deemed “useless” by society and religious people.

Nov 7

3 Big Questions For A Big Promise by H.B. Charles, Jr.

The Lord does withhold any good thing from those who walk uprightly.

Nov 6

You're Dead, Start Acting Like It! by Chris Thomas

Your failure does not define you, nor do the echoes of your sin. Jesus speaks a better story, and the grave does not have the final word.

Nov 5

Grave to Groom by Andrea Burke

We grieve at bedsides and empty beds, asking hard questions that might go unanswered for our lifetimes.

Nov 4

In His Light, We See Light by Charles Spurgeon

Happy are those to whom our Lord manifests himself, for his promise to such is that he will make his abode with them. 

Nov 1

Self-Hatred and Sanctification by Taylor Cain

Sometimes sanctification can feel frustrating, unfair, or useless. But God knows how to care for His children and to bring them to see Him as our superior satisfaction.

Oct 29

Jerks for Jesus

Why the Temple Cleansing (Etc.) Isn't Your Permission to Always Be Fighting

The Bible says at least as much -- if not more -- about speaking the truth in love, not tearing down, and letting our speech be gracious as it does "letting people have it."

Oct 28

The Joy of Election by Charles Spurgeon

 Come, my soul, exult before the God of grace and leap for joy of heart.

Oct 26

From the Mundane to Martyrdom

The Unsung Missionary Story of Karen Watson

By and large, you’d be hard-pressed to find a missionary who used his last words to show regret. 

Oct 25

‘The Articles Wherefore John Frith Died’ by Benjamin Hawkins

The Reformation was costly for many. For John Frith, a committment to one Reformation doctrine cost him everything.

Oct 24

4 Keys To Living Faithfully in Exile by Kristen Wetherell

As we invest in seasons of exile by pursuing the Lord and his work, we can rest assured we’re living out his will.

Oct 23

Skeptics Don't Hum by Jim Essian

The wonders of God are inexhaustible and unsearchable, but are within our reach to enjoy.

Oct 23

Dying to Plant a Church by Bland Mason

Jesus likely won’t take you through a cardiac arrest or another near death experience, but I wonder what he might do in and through more dead pastors.

Oct 23

Jen Wilkin on the Difference Between Grace and Permissiveness

Series: Conversations asks Jen Wilkin, author and teacher at The Village Church in Dallas, TX, "How is grace different from permissiveness?"

Oct 22

Life in the Spirit Isn't Just 'Doing' Differently, But 'Being' Different by Jared C. Wilson

“Do you think you could wash the dishes tonight?” she calls sweetly. “Um, sure,” he replies. “I’ll do it in the morning before I head out." Mom sighs.

Oct 21

Why Are You Troubled? by Charles Spurgeon

"Fear not, I am thy shield, and thy exceeding great reward."

Oct 19

What I'm Learning About Parenting Teenagers by Christine Hoover

Your consistency and persistence in the younger years will pay huge dividends in the teenage years.

Oct 18

Authenticating Glory in Scripture by Jim Elliff

Though the Scripture may be shown to be trustworthy by many historical and logical proofs, it is essentially received as true because of the revelation of God’s glory experienced through it.

Oct 17

Christ, The Wisdom And Righteousness Of God by Benjamin Hawkins

Christ is particularly called the wisdom of God because he took the form of a servant and was made in human likeness.