Resources by Theme: Devotional

Jun 5

Dean Inserra on Adorning The Gospel by Dean Inserra

Series: Conversations

How do you adorn the gospel with creative elements in worship without hindering it?

Jun 4

Surprised by the Perfect Being by Matthew Barrett

Can we settle for a God who is less than a perfect being? We cannot. To do so is to rob God of his infinite nature and unbounded perfection.

Jun 3

Is Healing in the Atonement? by Jim Elliff

We’re not always wise enough to know which way of dispensing the benefits of the atonement is best.

Jun 3

Did Jesus Actually Claim to Be God? by Katie McCoy

Jesus invites all of us to come to Him just as we are. But that means we come to Him just as He is: Lord.

Jun 3

Episode 085: Kristen Wetherell on Fighting Your Fears

For the Church Podcast

A Resource for the Church from Midwestern Seminary

On this episode of the For The Church Podcast, Jared Wilson talks with author Kristen Wetherell about her new book Fight Your Fears and how the gospel helps us in the daily battle to stand firm.

Jun 1

'Sitting Shiva' with the World

In Times of Pain and Anger, Sometimes Prayerful Silence is the Revolutionary Act

In a world erupting with grief, fear, and wrath, sometimes prayerful silence is the best revolution.

May 28

The Next 10 Years: The Context of Theology by Owen Strachan

We are called to minister grace and truth. We need to shepherd pilgrims on their way to the New Jerusalem. How can we do this well in the next 10 years?

May 27

Heading Home by Grace Pike

For the follower of Christ, our understanding of “home” and the decisions we make based on that understanding are crucial and complex. 

May 25

Teach Me! by H.B. Charles, Jr.

This is an essential qualification for admission into God’s school: you must recognize you have a lot to learn.

May 20

When Pictures Aren’t Worth Their Words by Allyson Todd

It is not “virtue” for the children of God to speak only of their past failures. 

May 19

Faithfulness in the Shadows: The Life and Ministry of Philip Melanchthon by Jesse Randolph

Philip Melanchthon’s life, gifts, writings, and relationships provide a worthy example for modern-day ministers who find themselves “in the shadows” of the ministry of another.

May 18

There is No Faith So Little That It Is Not Saving by Jared C. Wilson

It's not the strength of the faith that saves, but the strength of the Savior.

May 13

Better Than a Fresh Start: A Brief Biblical Theology of Ezra-Nehemiah by Justin Jackson

How will God’s people receive a new heart—a heart that is made ready to obey God?

May 13

When The Right Way Feels Like the Wrong Direction by Katie McCoy

The funny thing about being in unfamiliar territory is that sometimes the directions don’t make sense until you can look back and see where you were.

May 10

When Jesus Listened to His Mother

. . . and Became the Life of the Party

The exchange between Jesus and Mary at Cana takes us right into the substance of the gospel.

May 4

When A Pastor Has a Bad Case of 'The Mondays' by Jared C. Wilson

Monday. What to do with these Mondays of ours?

May 1

The Beauty That Still Remains by Grace Pike

In a world of various pains, fleeting pleasures, and endless vanities, the human heart longs for lasting beauty. 

Apr 30

The Two Paths Out of Trials by Jonathan Leeman

There are two paths for people to take in the midst of trials. They can take the path of self-reliance or the path of trusting in God.

Apr 29

Zoomed Out: Freedom from Consuming All the Resources During Quarantine by R. D. McClenagan

There are many tasks to accomplish and there are many resources out there to accomplish them, but the most important task is to set your heart unto the Lord in this time. 

Apr 28

Jason K. Allen on the Rising Generation of Pastors and Students by Jason K. Allen

Series: Conversations asks Dr. Jason K. Allen, President of Midwestern Seminary and Spurgeon College, "What encourages you about the rising generation of pastors and students today?"

Apr 27

Bear the Sin, Look to the Savior by Allyson Todd

This is the path that looks like insanity to the world. Bearing the sins of one another in daily life, and even if we cannot maintain a relationship any longer, still loving and forgiving those who hurt us. 

Apr 27

What's in Your Soul That the Gospel Needs to Run a Sword Through? by Jared C. Wilson

It’s leaning on the finished work of Christ that finally undoes our desires for fulfillment apart from him. 

Apr 24

Simple Tips to Study the Bible by David Prince

The Author of the Bible intended to write this Book in order to be known and loved. 

Apr 20

Crucifying Defensiveness by Jared C. Wilson

Why would you and I do that? Why would we turn the cheek this way, go two miles with the guy demanding one?

Apr 20

Coronavirus, Psalm 131, And The Faithful Father by Gail Emerson

Unlike my mothering, God’s faithfulness is holy and perfect.

Apr 17

What Did They Mean, “Believe in Christ?” by Jim Elliff

Something has been done for you that you could not do for yourself through his dying and rising again on your behalf.

Apr 16

Made to Stand by Lianna Davis

The sins and evils here, the mysterious woods—I know this all must end with His glory and finally serve it.

Apr 16

What if We Applied “For Better or Worse” to Church Commitment? by Brett McCracken

The church as a bride isn’t just a random, pleasant metaphor in Scripture. It’s of profound theological importance.

Apr 15

Encouragement for the New Homeschooling Family During the Covid -19 Crisis by Kathrine Pittman

 Slower mornings allow us to linger around the table, open the Bible, and explore the scriptures as a family. 

Apr 13

Christ is Risen -- Now What? by Jared C. Wilson

Easter has become the ultimate game-changer for the human experience.

Apr 9

Mercy Will Come by David McLemore

When your sin puts you in the depths of despair, and you have no way out on your own, there is a God above who rules and reigns and forgives and saves.

Apr 8

9 Ways the Gospel Speaks to Us During COVID-19 by Dave Harvey

Sometimes we’re infatuated with this life—our homes, cars, entertainment. A pandemic can fracture that. 

Apr 8

Facing My Own Restlessness by Scott Sauls

God is my refuge on one hand, and the darkness is my companion on the other. 

Apr 7

Six “Do Nots” for Evangelism from the Old Testament by Tom Johnston

The Old Testament encourages an unusually bold witness in evangelism in many ways.

Apr 7

How the Kingdom Arrives in Matthew’s Gospel by Patrick Schreiner

One of the most well-known truths in Matthew is that he describes it as the “kingdom of heaven” rather than kingdom of God.

Apr 6

The Lord's Prayer in a Crisis by Jared C. Wilson

What does the prayer we say to God say to us about times of trouble?

Apr 3

Grieving Deeply with Faith: Not a Contradiction by David Prince

The safest place for our faith while hurting is in the hands of our faithful Creator.

Apr 2

“What Do You Want?”: Pastoral Reflections on Faithfulness by Aaron Menikoff

Now more than ever, the church needs models of faithfulness.

Apr 1

Five Enduring Truths About Theological Education by Charles Smith

The world desperately needs faithful leaders that steadily live the gospel out before a watching world.

Apr 1

Trusting God in Your Waiting Season by Katie McCoy

What may seem like a setback or a delay is actually His perfecting preparation. 

Mar 31

It Takes Theology to Lament by Mark Vroegop

By connecting lament with our theology, we change how we define steadfastness in trial.

Mar 30

We Will Still Feast by Allyson Todd

 Do we only recognize that this virus has taken comfort from us? Or do we also look to Jesus and see that He has given us a great gift? 

Mar 30

Love in the Time of Coronavirus by Jared C. Wilson

All alone with our selves, being babysat by our anxieties, we might see just how helpless and frail we really are. And we might see just how loved.

Mar 25

Recovering The Lost Art Of Encouragement by Scott Sauls

When a friend is caught in addiction or destructive behavior, the loving thing to do is to help them out of it through intervention.

Mar 25

Did We in Our Own Strength Confide?

Martin Luther & Our Everlasting Hope

Our hope awaits an eternal consummation, but we minister with buoyancy and confidence even now. 

Mar 24

Life Together for a Church Apart: Lessons from Bonhoeffer for COVID-19. by Marshall Griffin

What if God used this time to bond us closer together than ever in his Spirit, the true foundation of our unity?

Mar 23

To All Who Despair: Jesus is Making All Things New by Jared C. Wilson

Someday, Jesus the Redeemer will return to redeem everything. Fully. Completely. Eternally.

Mar 20

Indifference Toward God by David McLemore

I treat God like a teenager does a parent, recognizing his presence but longing for him to leave me alone, for crying out loud. 

Mar 19

Love Your Wife Like Jesus Loves Her

Ten Great Loves for Every Husband

Know that when you love your wife like Jesus loves her, the foundation of your marriage is strengthened, Satan is defeated again, and Christ is lifted up for more to see.

Mar 18

What Does It Mean To “Pray For All People?” by Jim Davis

Paul is asking us to push the boundaries of our hearts when we pray.