Resources by Theme: Devotional

Aug 17

Avoiding Complacency by Adam Kareus

We need to pay much closer attention to what we know to be true so we can live accordingly and not be in a complacent drift.

Aug 14

When Christ's Call is Urgent by David McLemore

The best news of all is that Christ fighting for us. In fact, he already fought for us. And he won.

Aug 13

He Has Done All Things Well by Jared C. Wilson

The healing of the deaf and the mute is just the beginning.

Aug 12

The Lord Reigneth by Charles Spurgeon

May we soon reach the city of the great King!

Aug 9

Beware of the Whisperer by James Williams

Don’t let the whisperer's harmless appearance, smooth talk, and flattering words fool you; he’s capable of much destruction.

Aug 9

When You Want to Put On a Mask by Scott Sauls

Jonah, David, and Paul saw the value of sometimes putting their worst foot forward as a way to show a watching world how long, high, wide and deep is the love of God.

Aug 7

It Isn’t About Me by Jim Elliff

The world is a barren wilderness without love. You really do need each other.

Aug 7

3 of the Serpent's Lies We Still Believe by Michael Kelley

God has not left us wondering about His character. He has not left us without the validation of who He is and what He is like.

Aug 6

When We're Shocked to Find Sinners at Church by Jared C. Wilson

I know the reasons we don’t live transparently with each other.

Aug 5

All Things Work Together for Good by Charles Spurgeon

The believer can in the spirit of true resignation pray, "Send me what thou wilt, my God."

Aug 3

What the Bible Teaches about Hell by H.B. Charles, Jr.

The good news the Lord Jesus Christ is God’s response to the bad news of eternal punishment for personal sin.

Aug 1

Gazing on His Beauty by Fred Zaspel

Their souls also yearn for what is most glorious, and it is our privilege and solemn duty faithfully to display that glory as it is revealed in God’s Word. 

Jul 31

The Joy of Being a Poor Evangelist by Jared Stacy

We are limited in our ability, but Jesus makes sure we know our limitations are not a liability to Him. 

Jul 30

Danger: Doing 'Jesusy' Stuff Without Knowing Jesus by Jared C. Wilson

What's the difference between the moralist and the Christian?

Jul 29

Always With You by Charles Spurgeon

Here is comfort for the tried and afflicted soul.

Jul 27

The Tight Grip of Jesus by Allyson Todd

Once we were grafted in, there was not, is not, and can never be any possibility that we do anything but remain in Him.

Jul 25

A Great Commission and a Modern Mission by Kayla Petty

The Lord has preserved the integrity of the Gospel over many years.

Jul 25

Dear Death by Nick Harsh

God revealed himself wonderfully in history through the ugly and violent picture of the cross.

Jul 24

You Can't Pick Up the Cross While Holding Your Nets by Michael Kelley

When they dropped their nets, the disciples broke with the past and fully embraced the future with Jesus.

Jul 23

Groanings Too Deep for Words by Jared C. Wilson

I’m not talking about having a bad day. I’m talking more about having a bad life.

Jul 23

Meditations on Dust by Lianna Davis

Only knowing I am nothing can I see that He upholds my spirit when I fall—preserving me to the end

Jul 22

Christ and His Bride by Charles Spurgeon

Passing all human union is that mystical cleaving unto the Church, for which Christ left his Father, and became one flesh with her.

Jul 20

How Beautiful Are The Adverbs When They Preach Good News by Jason G. Duesing

God’s love for the world and desire to provide salvation is why God became man.

Jul 20

A Pastor’s Thoughts on Reading Augustine by Jonathon Woodyard

The progress I’ve made in Augustine is minimal, but I would like to offer my current thoughts on reading this intellectual giant.

Jul 19

The Beautiful Things We Miss by Bryan Stoudt

Scene by scene, God is crafting our lives into stories that reflect his beauty and bend it toward others.

Jul 19

What Can the Kindness of Jesus Do? by David McLemore

What if we all opened our heart to the kindness of Jesus Christ? Maybe he could transform your city into a modern-day Geneva.

Jul 18

They Never Saw This Coming by Erik Raymond

Each and every person who names the name of Christ has, by necessity, come to a place when they have seen their sin.

Jul 17

What God Says is Better by Cale Fauver

Beloved, you have a Wonderful Counselor. Heed his instruction about what is better.

Jul 17

Work, For I am With You by Mathew Gilbert

 The Lord provides the strength needed for the obedience he requires.

Jul 16

Jesus More Than Likes You by Jared C. Wilson

The idea that the holy God of the universe, the only one who has the absolute right to condemn us and dismiss us, declares his approval over us because of Jesus’ taking our sin and shame is so wonderful, so hope-giving, so steadying.

Jul 15

Keep the Altar of Private Prayer Burning by Charles Spurgeon

God loves to see the hearts of his people glowing towards himself.

Jul 12

Pain to Gain for Others by Jim Elliff

Let’s face it: being nominal is a breeze, but standing strong as a true believer can be very costly. 

Jul 8

Lead Me in Thy Truth by Charles Spurgeon

Our faith will be tried faith, and if it be of the true kind, it will bear continued trial without yielding.

Jul 6

How Can We Find Meaning in Life? by Casey Lewis

When we live in the way in which we have been made to live, we will find satisfaction, meaning, and joy. 

Jul 5

The 'No' Heard Through the Ages by Thor Madsen

Sometimes, the ‘No’ we hear as an answer to prayer tells us more than any ‘Yes’ could have.

Jul 5

The Most Comfortable Place on Earth by C. J. Moore

One day, Christian, “getting out of your comfort zone” will no longer be required. It won’t even be a possibility!

Jul 5

Jumping the Shark and the Trajectory of Sin by Benjamin Vrbicek

Over time, our increasing conformity to the image of Christ makes us more human in all the ways we are meant to be human, not less.

Jul 4

True Liberty by Charles Spurgeon

Exercise thy right, O believer, and live up to thy privilege.

Jul 1

Friendship with Jesus by Charles Spurgeon

I am only asking what he delights to give.

Jun 29

The Gospel vs. Moral Autonomy by Scott Sauls

For elder and younger brother types alike, the Father in heaven extends a generous and affectionate ‘welcome home.’

Jun 28

Christian, Rethink Your Public Speech by Jim Elliff

 We are in desperate need of Christian wisdom, but not barbaric untamed and undignified rhetoric. It's doing us no good.

Jun 27

Awaiting The Reveal by Adam Kareus

He is working all things for our good while we are being conformed to the image of his Son.

Jun 25

When Obedience is Scary by Christy Britton

Having my fears become my reality hasn’t changed my belief in this truth. Now, more than ever, I affirm that, despite our fears, we can trust and obey God. 

Jun 24

Favor Beyond Riches by Charles Spurgeon

An ounce of heart's-ease is worth a ton of gold.

Jun 22

Remember the Gospel by Cale Fauver

This is what you preach, seek to understand, adore, and center your life on – the gospel.

Jun 21

Revisit God’s Promises by Erik Raymond

No matter what you are going through you have to know that you can keep going because God keeps his word.

Jun 19

How Far Does God's Grace Go? by David McLemore

Is there a certain test - designed by you, administered by you, and graded by you - that one must pass to be included in God’s kingdom?

Jun 19

The Wrath of God and the Gospel by Fred Zaspel

We insist we have “good news” for the world. But not for a moment can we think the news is good because it has somehow done away with notions of an angry, wrathful God.

Jun 18

The Joy of Discipleship by Jared C. Wilson

Discipleship to Christ is very difficult. But it is incomparably joyful.