Resources by Theme: Pastoral

Mar 23

Clint Pressley on Leadership Qualities for Gospel Centrality by Clint Pressley

Series: Conversations

What leadership qualities are needed in transitioning a church to greater gospel-centrality?

Mar 23

Thoughts On The Rise And Fall Of Pastors by Scott Sauls

As pastors, we are vulnerable to paint ourselves as victims on the one hand or to become bullies or crooks or adulterers on the other.

Mar 23

The Value of Commitment by Bethany Mathis

The commitments the Bible illustrates for us are for our good. They are not to shackle us to burdens or to place weight. 

Mar 22

Chasing a Title or Carrying a Towel by Costi Hinn

It can be a monumental challenge to stomach the obscurity that comes from consistent “decrease,” but it’s part of every pastor’s journey.

Mar 21

Guilt Confusion by Jared Sparks

The Enemy of our souls and our sinful flesh has a way of adding terrible fuel to the raging fires of shame.

Mar 19

Spiritual Help For People Who Lack Self-Awareness by Cole Deike

The human spirit, to be healthy as God intended it to be, cannot veg-out inside our bodies with its feet kicked up. 

Mar 16

Crafting Expository Sermons by H.B. Charles, Jr.

True expository preaching strives to be faithful to the text and clear in the presentation. 

Mar 14

He Restores My Soul by Gabe Posey

No, the answer, if there is one, isn’t to heap another burden onto the weary. It is, instead, to look to Jesus for our rest. 

Mar 14

Tim Keller, Rachel Held Evans, and the Authority of the Whole Bible by Jonathon Woodyard

Principles of interpretation are what stand behind your approach to a text. 

Mar 13

Nathan Finn on the Kinds of Books Pastors Should Read asks Nathan Finn, Dean of The School of Theology and Missions at Union University, "What kind of books should pastors read?"

Mar 9

Dan Darling on Influencing Culture by Daniel Darling

Series: Conversations

What are some key things churches can do to influence the culture for Christ?

Mar 9

A Biblical Theology of Church Discipline by Bobby Jamieson

God disciplines his people so that they learn not to rely on themselves and run after other gods, but to seek all and find all in him.

Mar 8

Why do Some Pastors Deliberately Avoid Teaching Doctrine? by Jim Elliff

Pastor, give yourself to sound doctrine and make much of it from now on. If you cannot do this, resign.

Mar 7

People are Watching by Whitney Putnam

Jesus has come and he is ushering in Eden day-by-day.

Mar 7

The Curious Case of the Adult 9 Year-Old by Owen Strachan

Our culture is not only opposed at present to the gospel. It is opposed to the very concept of reality itself.

Mar 2

From Pornography To Discipleship by Justin Huffman

While God’s Word does condemn all sexual sin, it also offers healing and forgiveness from all sexual sin. 

Feb 28

The Pastor's Calling by Jared Sparks

Before I am anything else, I am a man who has been saved and sustained by the God of the gospel. 

Feb 28

Preach Like Paul by Adam McClendon

His identity was not connected with those to whom he was commissioned; rather, his identity was connected to the one who commissioned him.

Feb 26

Simple Preaching like Charles Spurgeon by Joshua Jenkins

There is something powerful about having the profound glories of almighty God brought to bear in a palpable way. 

Feb 23

Pastors and Politics – The Trump Card by Costi Hinn

What people need the most is a renewed perspective that hinges on a kingdom that is not of this world. 

Feb 23

Trevin Wax on Gospel-Centered Teaching

Series: Conversations

What does Gospel-Centered teaching sound like?

Feb 21

Five Things to Consider Before Pursuing Theological Education by Taylor Cain

If you want to consider theological education, you must first consider if you are in Christ at all.

Feb 20

Jeff Medders on What a Pastor Should Do When His Church is Tired of Hearing the Gospel by J.A. Medders asks Jeff Medders, Pastor of Redeemer Church in Tomball, TX: "What should a pastor do when his church is tired of hearing the Gospel?"

Feb 19

Why Every Christian Must be a Theologian by Jared C. Wilson

Laypeople have no biblical warrant to leave the duty of doctrine up to pastors and professors alone.

Feb 16

Won Kwak on Young Pastors by Won S. Kwak

Series: Conversations

What can a young pastor do to start cultivating a healthy legacy?

Feb 15

Being a Young Pastor is Hard

But For Reasons You Might Not Expect

Writing about the difficulty of pastoral ministry probably won’t ease the difficulty of pastoral ministry, but it will remind us that God has matured us more than we have measured.

Feb 14

How Does a Man Know if He is Called to Pastoral Ministry? by Jonathan Hayashi

The call of pastoral ministry is completed only when the body of Christ affirm that call as a pastor. 

Feb 14

What's the True Source of Powerful Evangelism? by Casey Lewis

Instead of allowing our inadequacies to keep us from evangelism, we should allow them to propel us into it. 

Feb 14

5 Basics of Biblical Interpretation by Dave Jenkins

The basis for biblical interpretation begins with Jesus.

Feb 13

When Should a Pastor Address a Current Event? by Benjamin Vrbicek

When pastors major on the urgent, we can inadvertently lead people to forget that “the word of our God will stand forever.” 

Feb 12

Pastor, Take Courage in the Historical Jesus! by Todd Chipman

Archaeology does not, has not and will never prove Christianity as a system of faith—nor can it disprove the textual evidence of the New Testament. 

Feb 9

Barnabas Piper on What Pastors Should Know About Raising Pastors' Kids by Staff

We asked Barnabas Piper: "What should pastors and their wives know about raising pastors’ kids?

Feb 5

Recovering the Cure of Souls by Jared C. Wilson

Godly pastoral care is the overflow of love, an act of nurture, and an act of self-giving.

Feb 2

Pastors: Play the Long Game and Keep Your Chins Up by Erik Raymond

Measuring the success of one’s service based primarily on what we can see is deceptive because most of the fruit in our ministry is in things that are unseen.

Jan 31

Sometimes It Takes A Party by Tyler Jordan

I can’t help but wonder how different this might be if we made it a point to treat everyone like they are invited to the party.

Jan 30

Joy at the Table

A Pastor’s Privilege in the Lord’s Supper

Whatever our station in life, the Lord’s Table announces the Good News that we must neither wait for our victory, nor wane in our defeats.

Jan 29

Confidence in the Fight for Holiness by Cody Wilbanks

You are undersized in the fight, but the Holy Spirit that indwells you is anything but. 

Jan 27

Am I His?

2018 Ready Conference

Series: 2018 Ready Conference

Rev. Jared C. Wilson speaks on the security of the believer and assurance of salvation at the 2018 Ready Conference for students.

Jan 27

Is Jesus Savior?

2018 Ready Conference

Series: 2018 Ready Conference

Rev. Brian Key speaks on the atoning work of Christ at the 2018 Ready Conference for students.

Jan 27

Is Jesus Lord?

2018 Ready Conference

Series: 2018 Ready Conference

Dr. Owen Strachan speaks on the Lordship of Christ at the 2018 Ready Conference for students.

Jan 27

Has God Spoken?

2018 Ready Conference

Series: 2018 Ready Conference

Dr. John Mark Yeats speaks on the truth of special revelation at the 2018 Ready Conference for students.

Jan 26

Why Church Discipline Goes Awry—And How to Avoid It by Jonathan Leeman

A person who fears God more than anything is less likely to abuse God’s subjects.

Jan 26

Why Should You Join A Local Church? by Casey Lewis

Since we are commanded to gather together for the purposes of helping one another grow in love and good works, we shouldn't neglect that activity.

Jan 26

Nathan Finn on Life's Difficulties by Nathan Finn

What difficult thing in your life has taught you the most?

Jan 24

Living As Those Who Are Lacking by Allyson Todd

Marriage is not sufficient for life and godliness. Jesus is.

Jan 23

Noah Oldham on Sermon Preparation by Noah Oldham asks Noah Oldham, Lead Pastor of August Gate Church in St. Louis, to describe his sermon-writing process.

Jan 22

Disguised Destruction by Katelyn Milligan

Words, even truth, not carefully spoken can damage relationships and cause division among brothers and sisters. 

Jan 19

Ordinary Things by Luke Holmes

Ordinary things in the hands of an extraordinary God become the miraculous means by which He brings about His kingdom.