Resources by Theme: Practical

Mar 13

Links For The Church (3/13) by Staff

This week's links include resources on rest, childlessness, spiritual strength, and a forgotten hero. 

Mar 9

Helping Our Daughters To Be Sexually Pure by Mike Leake

The way to help my daughter pursue purity isn't to lock her up in a castle, but to help her walk in the freedom of the gospel.

Mar 9

On Malachi and Religious Ritualism by Russell L. Meek

Let us learn from God’s words through Malachi and seek out a true relationship with God characterized by Jesus’ command to love God and love our neighbor.

Mar 9

Confrontational Love by Adam McClendon

A community that lives with love enough to both provide and receive gentle rebukes from one another makes for an incredible family.

Mar 7

11 Characteristics of the Self-Righteous by Casey Lewis

In an effort to help us create self-awareness and keep us out of the trap, here are 11 characteristics of the self-righteous . . .

Mar 7

Gospel Culture by David McLemore

The culture that we allow our doctrine to create is the real test of what we believe the doctrine to be.

Mar 7

J.T. English on Growing Churches “Feeling Small” by JT English

We ask J.T. English, "How do you make sure a growing church keeps 'feeling small?'”

Mar 6

Links For The Church (3/6) by Staff

This week's links include resources on integrity, home, small group woes, and knowing God. 

Mar 1

How to Leave a Church by Adam McClendon

If you are a leader and you’ve led them thus far, lead them further by giving them some space to plan, pray, and get collected. 

Feb 28

4 Reasons to Preach Christ from the Old Testament by Russell L. Meek

But there is much more to the Abraham narratives than a simple “do this; don’t do this.”

Feb 28

Praying Specifically by Bryan Elliff

What if we walked into every day with the expectation that God hears and answers specific prayer?

Feb 28

Michael Kelley on the Writing Process by Michael Kelley

We ask Michael Kelley to describe his writing process.

Feb 27

Links For The Church (2/28) by Staff

This week's links include resources on social media, raising faithful kids, lessons for American Christians, and the benefits of discipleship. 

Feb 24

Are You Suffocating Your Creativity? by Erik Raymond

If we allow ourselves to be diverted and distracted all of the time we will scarcely enjoy the deeply meaningful seasons of discovery that come from thoughtful reflection.

Feb 23

Rules Without Reasons by Mike Leake

Sometimes, we won't think there are good enough reasons given to obey God, yet we are called to obey Him anyway.

Feb 21

Why Should One Consider Formal Theological Education? by Nathan Finn

We ask Nathan Finn, "Why should one consider formal theological education?"

Feb 20

Links For The Church (2/20) by Staff

This week's links include resources on entertainment, letting God, the Trinity debate, and singleness.

Feb 17

For Better Conversations by Jim Elliff

Your artful questions and interest make both sides of the conversation possible.

Feb 16

How to Get Your Prayer to Work by H.B. Charles, Jr.

The power to answer prayer belongs to God alone. And the glory for answered prayer belongs to God alone.

Feb 14

Be a Humble, Lifelong Learner by Joshua Hedger

There is something freeing when you humble yourself and place yourself before a group of people who say, “We see this area that needs to be worked on.”

Feb 13

Pastor, Keep A Close Watch On Your Life and Illustrations by Jared C. Wilson

You shouldn't trust your illustration to do what only God's word can.

Feb 13

Do You Pray For Your Competitors? by Adam McClendon

What if we refused to be threatened by our sister churches and instead committed to pray for them?

Feb 13

Links For The Church (2/13) by Staff

This week's links include resources on spiritual formation, joy, women's roles, and multi-ethnic ministry. 

Feb 9

How Can I Delight in God's Word?​ by Casey Lewis

When the Bible is our delight, we look forward to reading it each day and feel a keen sense that something's missing when we don't.

Feb 9

The Gospel and Social Media Part 4 by Ronni Kurtz

Thinking through these questions often can help identify your stream as a gospel-filled well your followers should drink from often or a gospel-less pit followers should avoid.

Feb 8

When You Are The New Kid by Lucy Crabtree

Roll up your sleeves, labor alongside them, and love them.

Feb 7

J.D. Greear on Sharing the Gospel with Muslims

We asked J.D. Greear, "What are some important things to remember when sharing the gospel with Muslims?"

Feb 6

How Journaling Combats Sin by Allyson Todd

Journaling is not an end in and of itself; the end is to look to and live by the cross.  

Feb 6

Links For The Church (2/6) by Staff

This week's links include resources on self-care, abortion, our problem, and community.

Feb 2

Stott’s Simple—Yet Surprising—Productivity Secret by Kevin Halloran

Hitting the pause button on life and ministry will help us find rest for our souls and experience a sweet foretaste of heavenly rest in Christ’s presence.

Feb 2

The Gospel and Social Media Part 3 by Ronni Kurtz

In a thread of confirmation bias, hate, uncareful thinking, narcissism, and over exaggerations, be the voice of gospel reason.

Jan 30

Links For The Church (1/30) by Staff

This week's links include resources on womanliness, accountability, seminary, and presence. 

Jan 26

The Gospel and Social Media Part 2 by Ronni Kurtz

Remember, a cross and the pursuit of the good of others should mark your Christian life. This must be true for your social media presence as well.

Jan 26

Leading Meetings with Humility by Adam McClendon

As we acknowledge the need to lead humbly, what does godly, humble leadership look like in the day-to-day?

Jan 25

How to Practice Christian Encouragement by Jared Musgrove

I believe encouragement should take its place alongside any list of spiritual disciplines. 

Jan 23

Links For The Church (1/23) by Staff

This week's links include resources on the rich, waiting, masculine friendship, and heresy.

Jan 19

The Gospel and Social Media Part 1 by Ronni Kurtz

Your justification isn’t in the fact that you don’t post selfies or engage in over-the-top political comment streams. It’s in the blood of a murdered Son.

Jan 16

Links For The Church (1/16) by Staff

This week's links include resources on feeling dead on the inside, pro-life causes, repetition in worship, and teaching children about hell. 

Jan 11

8 Books That Have Influenced Me by Sam Bierig

 I would argue that a book is only truly influential in so far as it somehow moves into your life without you asking it to.

Jan 9

Links For the Church (1/9) by Staff

This week's links include resources on curiosity, congregational singing, procrastination, and weakness.

Jan 4

Caution and Help for the Hyperdriven Leader by Mike Ayers

There are leaders that propel their churches forward at breakneck rates helping them journey great distances and achieve impressive results. Though they often refer to themselves as “visionary leaders," I would argue that many of them are more hyperdriven than visionary.

Jan 2

The Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards by Jared C. Wilson

I wonder how the resolutions of us donut-eaters might stack up to these from Jonathan Edwards.

Jan 2

Links For the Church (1/2) by Staff

This week's links provide resources on interpreting the Bible, true masculinity, resolutions, and Christology. 

Dec 30, 2016

How Long Should it Take Me to Prepare a Sermon? by Dave Harvey

It’s like the lad who asks the seasoned fisherman, “How long does it take to catch a fish each week?”

Dec 27, 2016

3 Tips for a Strategic Ministry by Erik Raymond

My tips for a strategic ministry are old-fashioned, timeless, and proven.

Dec 26, 2016

Links For The Church (12/26) by Staff

This week's links provide resources on apologetics, Aleppo, the Word of the Year, and ministry kids. 

Dec 22, 2016

Do Something Awesome and Build a Family by Owen Strachan

The way to happiness is when we exchange our sin and selfishness and small dreams for something harder and better and God-honoring.

Dec 19, 2016

Links For The Church (12/19) by Staff

This week's links include resources on Christmas giving, student missionaries, racial reconciliation, and hiring women. 

Dec 15, 2016

4 Cautions on Elder Training Programs by Jonathan Leeman

Don’t want to fool yourself into thinking you’re raising up leaders because you’re scraping the cream off the top. You want the whole cake to rise.

Dec 14, 2016

Battling Sin in the Heart by Casey Lewis

Our battle against sin will only result in victory if it is waged at the heart level.