Resources by Theme: Devotional

Apr 8

9 Ways the Gospel Speaks to Us During COVID-19 by Dave Harvey

Sometimes we’re infatuated with this life—our homes, cars, entertainment. A pandemic can fracture that. 

Apr 8

Facing My Own Restlessness by Scott Sauls

God is my refuge on one hand, and the darkness is my companion on the other. 

Apr 7

Six “Do Nots” for Evangelism from the Old Testament by Tom Johnston

The Old Testament encourages an unusually bold witness in evangelism in many ways.

Apr 7

How the Kingdom Arrives in Matthew’s Gospel by Patrick Schreiner

One of the most well-known truths in Matthew is that he describes it as the “kingdom of heaven” rather than kingdom of God.

Apr 6

The Lord's Prayer in a Crisis by Jared C. Wilson

What does the prayer we say to God say to us about times of trouble?

Apr 3

Grieving Deeply with Faith: Not a Contradiction by David Prince

The safest place for our faith while hurting is in the hands of our faithful Creator.

Apr 2

“What Do You Want?”: Pastoral Reflections on Faithfulness by Aaron Menikoff

Now more than ever, the church needs models of faithfulness.

Apr 1

Five Enduring Truths About Theological Education by Charles Smith

The world desperately needs faithful leaders that steadily live the gospel out before a watching world.

Apr 1

Trusting God in Your Waiting Season by Katie McCoy

What may seem like a setback or a delay is actually His perfecting preparation. 

Mar 31

It Takes Theology to Lament by Mark Vroego

By connecting lament with our theology, we change how we define steadfastness in trial.

Mar 30

We Will Still Feast by Allyson Todd

 Do we only recognize that this virus has taken comfort from us? Or do we also look to Jesus and see that He has given us a great gift? 

Mar 30

Love in the Time of Coronavirus by Jared C. Wilson

All alone with our selves, being babysat by our anxieties, we might see just how helpless and frail we really are. And we might see just how loved.

Mar 25

Recovering The Lost Art Of Encouragement by Scott Sauls

When a friend is caught in addiction or destructive behavior, the loving thing to do is to help them out of it through intervention.

Mar 25

Did We in Our Own Strength Confide?

Martin Luther & Our Everlasting Hope

Our hope awaits an eternal consummation, but we minister with buoyancy and confidence even now. 

Mar 24

Life Together for a Church Apart: Lessons from Bonhoeffer for COVID-19. by Marshall Griffin

What if God used this time to bond us closer together than ever in his Spirit, the true foundation of our unity?

Mar 23

To All Who Despair: Jesus is Making All Things New by Jared C. Wilson

Someday, Jesus the Redeemer will return to redeem everything. Fully. Completely. Eternally.

Mar 20

Indifference Toward God by David McLemore

I treat God like a teenager does a parent, recognizing his presence but longing for him to leave me alone, for crying out loud. 

Mar 19

Love Your Wife Like Jesus Loves Her

Ten Great Loves for Every Husband

Know that when you love your wife like Jesus loves her, the foundation of your marriage is strengthened, Satan is defeated again, and Christ is lifted up for more to see.

Mar 18

What Does It Mean To “Pray For All People?” by Jim Davis

Paul is asking us to push the boundaries of our hearts when we pray.

Mar 18

Worth A Lot of Sparrows by Jim Elliff

It is hardly God’s great purpose to make you feel like you’re something special.

Mar 17

A Fisherman in Ireland: The Enduring Relevance of Patrick by Jason G. Duesing

For evangelicals, the enduring relevance of Patrick of Ireland lies in a sacrificial heart motivated by the Great Commission and burdened for the lost.

Mar 16

Ready to Rejoice; Ready to Mourn by Kole Farney

The gospel helps us see that our lives are not about us.

Mar 13

Glorious Limitations and Sweet Surrender by David Prince

We tend to think that only the most perceivably gifted people are the ones who pleasingly serve God. 

Mar 12

Jared Wilson on Thinking About the Sins of Our Church History Heroes by Jared C. Wilson

Series: Conversations asks Jared C. Wilson, Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministry at Spurgeon College and Author in Residence at MBTS, "How should we think about the sins of our heroes from church history?"

Mar 9

Utterly Saved by Jared C. Wilson

Salvation by Christ's work is a gift of grace received through faith. This salvation is total (Romans 8:30) and we see its totality in John 6.

Mar 6

Come Away and Rest Awhile by H.B. Charles, Jr.

Jesus was most concerned about the toll their ministry efforts had on them. 

Mar 6

Jen Wilkin on Grace vs. Permissiveness by Staff

Series: Conversations

How is grace different from permissiveness?

Mar 2

All Dogs Go To Heaven by Jared C. Wilson

When his dog was suffering a particularly noisome barking fit, Martin supposedly preached this gospel implication to him, exhorting the pooch this way: “Never mind, little Hans . . . Thou too, in the Resurrection, shalt have a little golden tail.”

Feb 28

When Christians Fail by David Prince

Peter’s darkest episode exposed his prideful heart, but it also led him to the humblest of repentance.

Feb 26

When I Don't Like God's Answer by Allyson Todd

I deceived myself and thought I had the right to question God, to turn my back and scoff at Him, the Creator of everything.

Feb 26

Repentance as Discipleship by David McLemore

God is not calling perfect people to be His ambassadors in this world. 

Feb 26

When They Call In The Night by Chris Thomas

The first thing to know is that your father isn’t like us.

Feb 24

He Loved You Before There Was a You by Jared C. Wilson

It is not as if God looked through time, saw you would be an asset to the organization and so chose you.

Feb 19

Our Identity In Christ Looks A Lot Like This… by Katie McCoy

He still loves to forgive, redeem, restore, and transform.

Feb 18

The Love of Beauty by Jim Elliff

Within me is the longing for beauty, and the repulsion of non-beauty. I am convinced that I have the normal longings of all of us. We are made for beauty.

Feb 14

What Jesus Meant About the Lost Sheep by David McLemore

Jesus knew the Bible, and he used David's words to foretell the kind of battle he came to fight and the kind of victory he came to win.

Feb 12

When Intimacy With God Is Absent by Scott Sauls

Because God put Jesus away on the cross, he will never put us away.

Feb 12

Keeping Our Confidence in Christ by Lianna Davis

Jude’s letter is emphatic that Jesus Christ is our only Savior, a teaching all the more pronounced through Jude’s litany of the sorrowfully condemned.

Feb 6

Trillia Newbell on the Gospel and Body Image by Trillia Newbell

Series: Conversations asks Trillia Newbell, Director of Community Outreach for the ERLC, "What does the gospel say about body image?"

Feb 3

Confessions of a Recovering Political Idolater by Jared C. Wilson

These are just three symptoms of my ailment. I have to stay aware of them, because when I am not consciously and intentionally directing my gaze to the glory of Christ, I can very easily get swept up in the winds of political discourse.

Jan 30

Michael Kelley on Why Christians Don't Pray for Daily Bread by Michael Kelley

Series: Conversations asks Michael Kelley, Director of Discipleship at Lifeway Christian Resources, "Why don't more Christians pray for their daily bread?"

Jan 28

What Apostates Don't Say by Erik Raymond

The road to apostasy is paved with indifference to the glory of Christ. 

Jan 27

The Romans 8 Driven Life by Jared C. Wilson

How would you live if you realized that nothing you fear could ever have the last word in your life?

Jan 27

Netflix and Chips: An Argument for Snacks and Television in 2020 by Ted Kluck

Not knowing your spouse, never doing anything together, reading Bavinck by candlelight while she cleans up the kitchen, and feeling like her roommate is bad. 

Jan 23

How Not to Envy Your Neighbor’s Competence by Tilly Dillehay

Envy is a feeling of bitterness that God has given something good to somebody else.

Jan 22

You Have More Influence Than You Realize by Katie McCoy

These were ordinary women. Much like us, they probably didn’t feel like they had particularly extraordinary lives.

Jan 20

A Poem for MLK Day by Allyson Todd

A poem in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Jan 16

Heresy Often Begins with Boredom by Brett McCracken

We should see orthodoxy as beautiful because it is bigger than us. It came before us and will be there after we’re gone.

Jan 15

The Dog-Likeness of Christ by Josiah Cox

Tell me that God’s love doesn’t demand the willingness to lose everything and, in fact, does take quite a lot. 

Jan 14

Laziness, Our Respectable Sin by David Prince

The testimony of the Bible from beginning to end says that laziness is wicked. But we don’t often look at it that way.